To the Digsite

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AllianceTo the Digsite
Start James Stillair [47.1, 11.9]
End Bwemba [55.5, 41.3]
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Rise of the Zandalari
Rewards 16g 54s
Previous A [85] Defend the Rebel Camp
Next B [85] Voodoo Zombies


Head to the Explorers' League Digsite in Southern Stranglethorn Vale.

  • Arrived at the Digsite


The other Darkspear emissary was here briefly. He was eager to get to the next location and warn them. I sent him on a flight to the Explorers' League Digsite in the Cape of Stranglethorn. I hope he wasn't too late.

I will give you use of one of my gryphons, a direct flight there.

Talk to me when you are ready to go, <name>


Dis don't look very good, <name>


Talk to James again.
Gossip Can one of your gryphons get me to the Digsite?

The digsite has been taken over by Voodoo Zombies, so talk to Bwemba.

This quest is occasionally buggy. If you cannot complete the quest, logging out and back in usually corrects the problem.


Optional breadcrumb: A [85] The Troll Incursion / H [85] The Zandalari Menace

  1. B [85] Bwemba's Spirit
  2. A [85] To Fort Livingston / H [85] To Bambala
  3. B [85] Serpents and Poison
  4. B [85] Spirits Are With Us
  5. B [85] Nesingwary Will Know
  6. B [85] Track the Tracker
  7. B [85] The Hunter's Revenge
  8. B [85] Follow that Cat
  9. B [85] Mauti
  10. B [85] How's the Hunter Holding Up?
  11. B [85] Bury Me With Me Boots...
  12. A [85] Warn the Rebel Camp / H [85] Warn Grom'gol
  13. A [85] Defend the Rebel Camp / H [85] Defend Grom'gol
  14. A [85] To the Digsite / H [85] To Hardwrench Hideaway
  15. B [85] Voodoo Zombies
  16. B [85] Bad Supplies
  17. A [85] Making Contact / H [85] Making Contact
  18. N [35H] Booty Bay's Interests
  19. N [85H] A Shiny Reward

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