NeutralTo the Moon
Start Zahra Sandstalker
End Arik Scorpidsting
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Uldum
Experience 17,850
Reputation +75 Uldum Accord
Rewards 1,500x [Azerite]
23g 40s
Previous N [120] All Gassed Up & N [120] Aqir Extermination



Alright! It's time to high tail it outta here.

We gotta get back to camp and tell Arik what's been going on out here as soon as possible.

Head for the bomber and let's fuel 'er up.

I'll letcha have the gunner seat, but I'm drivin', so let's try to blow up a few bugs on the way back!


You will receive:


What were you thinking?!


What in the blazing sands were you doing up there!?


On accept
Zahra Sandstalker says: Let's get out of here! We have to report back to Arik before this whole place is swarming with bugs!
Taking off in the bomber
Zahra Sandstalker says: I'm pretty sure I remember how to fly one of these... but you might want to hold onto something!
Arriving at the Obelisk of the Moon
Prophet Skitra yells: Our guest of honor arrives at last. The festivities have already begun.
Zahra Sandstalker says: No! The camp.... we're too late!
Zahra Sandstalker says: We're not going down without a fight! I'll circle us around. Hit them with everything we've got!
Prophet Skitra yells: Your efforts mean nothing. Our numbers are endless.
Prophet Skitra yells: How could you ever hope to defeat us all?
Prophet Skitra yells: Why do you resist? Your allies are already dead.
Prophet Skitra yells: Enough of this illusion. But after what you have done... you might wish it had been real.
Arik Scorpidsting says: By the sands, what were you doing?! We thought you had gone insane!
Zahra Sandstalker says: One of those rotten bugs tricked us into bombing the camp! They made it seem like you'd been overrun.
Arik Scorpidsting says: Illusion and misdirection... these are no mere monsters. We're facing a coordinated assault.
Arik Scorpidsting says: Captain Navid, organize our remaining forces immediately. We must prepare for war!


  1. N [120] Word from Orsis
  2. N [120] Search for Survivors
  3. N [120] To Ankhaten Harbor
  4. N [120] Burn the Bodies & N [120] Wastewander Hosts
  5. N [120] Ruins of Ammon
  6. N [120] Tend the Wounded & N [120] Ruinator Xok'nixx & N [120] A Bit of Investigation
  7. N [120] Obelisk of the Sun
  8. N [120] All Gassed Up & N [120] Aqir Extermination
  9. N [120] To the Moon

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