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This article is about the 5-man dungeon. For the non-instanced zone, see Tol Dagor. For the achievement, see Achievement dungeon toldagor [Tol Dagor].
Tol Dagor
Tol Dagor loading screen
Location Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras
Race(s) HumanHumanHumanHuman Human
DwarfDwarf Dwarf
WorgenWorgen Worgen
VulperaVulpera Vulpera
Saurok Saurok
End boss IconSmall Human Male Overseer Korgus
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Player limit 5
Tol Dagor 1

Tol Dagor exterior.

Tol Dagor is a dungeon in Battle for Azeroth. It is a prison located in an island east of Tiragarde Sound. Tol Dagor used to be a real prison, but some time ago the Ashvane Trading Company bought it. Now it is Priscilla Ashvane's own personal fortress with scumbags on both sides of the bars.[1]

Adventure Guide[]

Once a highly maintained prison, Tol Dagor has since been purchased and run by the Ashvane Company. Now, it serves as indefinite holding for any who would oppose the Ashvane Trading Company.


Taelia says: Stay low! They haven't spotted us yet.
Taelia says: According to our intelligence, the keys that access the Azerite caches and the hostage wing are kept by the Overseer... around his neck.
Escaped Convict says: I did it, I made it out!
Taelia says: We'll secure the perimeter guards while you make your way to the sewer grate. It should still provide a way into the prison.
The Sand Queen

Taelia, the Proudmoore Elites, and adventurers arrive upon the shores of Tol Dagor via boat. They make their way to the first boss at the entrance of the sewers, and defeat the krolusk.

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The party then approaches Tol Dagor's sewer entrance.

Taelia says: Oof! You had to crawl through this stuff to escape? Try to stay downwind from me!

Upon entering The Drain, a conversation between Ashvane and Korgus is heard.

Priscilla Ashvane yells: Korgus! Explain to me why you haven't flooded the lower levels and drowned these squabbling rats!?
Overseer Korgus says: My apologies, Lady Ashvane. I am confident my men will restore order soon.

Making their way further through the Sodden Depths, the conversation continues.

Priscilla Ashvane says: You'd better be right, or your replacement's first duty will be to watch you drown with the rest of this scum.
Irontide Thug yells: Intruders are coming through the sewers!
Jes Howlis

They arrive in the Detention Block, which Jes Howlis has taken control of, with Irontide Raiders brutalizing prisoners.

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After Howlis' death, a jailer bars the way.

Ashvane Jailer yells: The beast is dead! Ashvane, secure the upper floors! I'll take care of this thief...

The jailer is killed.

Taelia says: Well done. Looks like you have things under control.
Taelia says: We'll finish securing the lower levels while you make your way to the Overseer.

A spotter gives the alarm, and the Ashvane Officer and his men bar the way.

Ashvane Spotter yells: They're here! Light the munitions!

The officer is killed.

Proudmoore Elite yells: We've secured the prisoners and established a perimeter. The lower levels belong to us.

Reaching the surface at the Overseer's Redoubt, the Ashvane are everywhere and try to stop the party's progression. They make a last stand right before Valyri's room.

Ashvane Marine yells: Stand ready, men! They're coming!
Ashvane Marine yells: Check your fire! I'm looking at you, flame caster. If any of these Azerite munitions explode, we'll all be dust!
Knight Captain Valyri

The party reaches the Ashvane Armory where they defeat Valyri.

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Overseer Korgus

They then make their way to the Overseer's Summit, where they kill Korgus.

Main article: Overseer Korgus#Quotes
Taelia says: It seems Lady Ashvane will have an opening for a new overseer after all.
Taelia says: Now that we have the prison under our control and the keys in our possession, we can begin securing the Azerite and releasing the hostages.
Taelia says: You do good work... for an escaped fugitive.


Maps and subregions[]


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Bosses Monsters NPCs
The Drain
Sodden Depths
The Brig
Detention Block
Officer Quarters
Overseer's Redoubt
Ashvane Armory
Overseer's Redoubt
Overseer's Summit


Boss Item Type
IconSmall Krolusk The Sand Queen Inv polearm 2h battledungeon c 01 [Halberd of the Unwary Guard] Agility two-hand polearm
Inv offhand 1h battledungeon c 01 [Rattling Jar of Eyes] Intellect off-hand
Inv glaive 1h battledungeon c 01 [Warglaive of the Sand Queen] Agility warglaive
Inv bracer leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Wristguards of the Sandswimmer] Leather bracers
Inv belt plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Sewer Grate Girdle] Plate belt
Inv pants mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Gaoler's Chainmail Gaiters] Mail leggings
Inv ring 80 01d [Overseer's Lost Seal] Ring
IconSmall Worgen Male Jes Howlis Inv knife 1h battledungeon c 02 [Howlis' Crystal Shiv] Agility dagger
Inv shield 1h battledungeon c 01 [Improvised Riot Shield] Shield
Inv cape plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Turncoat's Cape] Cloak
Inv glove cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Claw-Slit Brawler's Handwraps] Cloth gloves
Inv pant leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Singe-Blotched Britches] Leather leggings
Inv boots mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Gnawed Iron Fetters] Mail boots
Ability shaman freedomwolf [Jes' Howler] Strength trinket
IconSmall Human Female Knight Captain Valyri Inv bracer plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Valyri's Fire-Proof Bracers] Plate bracers
Inv bracer mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Flint-Linked Wristguards] Mail bracers
Inv glove mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Sure-Grip Munition Handlers] Mail gloves
Inv belt leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Cincture of the Azerite Arsenal] Leather belt
Inv belt cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Knight Captain's Waistcord] Cloth belt
Inv pant cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Wild Pyromancer's Trousers] Cloth leggings
Inv boot plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Gunpowder-Scoured Sabatons] Plate boots
Inv boot leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Spark Dampening Footpads] Leather boots
Inv misc rope 01 [Ignition Mage's Fuse] Intellect trinket
IconSmall Human Male Overseer Korgus Inv firearm 2h rifle kultirasquest b 01 [Korgus' Blackpowder Rifle] Gun
Inv mace 1h battledungeon c 02 [Cudgel of Correctional Oversight] Strength one-hand mace
Inv staff 2h battledungeon c 03 [Flamecaster Botefeux] Intellect two-hand staff
Inv helm plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Overseer's Riot Helmet] Azerite plate helmet
Inv helm mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Hood of the Dark Reaper] Azerite mail helmet
Inv helm leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Flashpowder Hood] Azerite leather helmet
Inv shoulders mail kultirasdungeon c 01 [Cannoneer's Mantle] Azerite mail shoulders
Inv shoulder leather kultirasdungeon c 01 [Pistoleer's Spaulders] Azerite leather shoulders
Inv chest plate kultirasdungeon c 01 [Ashvane Warden's Cuirass] Azerite plate chest
Inv chest cloth kultirasdungeon c 01 [Inmate's Straight Robe] Azerite cloth chest
Creatureportrait cannon03 [Kul Tiran Cannonball Runner] Agility trinket


Notes and trivia[]

  • During early development, the blockout concept for Tol Dagor had the "Pirate Queen" as a boss. This pirate boss seems to have been moved to the Freehold dungeon as Harlan Sweete. It also included an "Old God room" with a "Squid Face boss", which seem to have been moved to the Shrine of the Storm dungeon.
  • In the Map and Quest log the Tol Dagor instance is shown as part of Tiragarde Sound while the Tol Dagor outside zone is shown as a separate zone of Kul Tiras.

Patch changes[]


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