Tomb of Tyr

Map of the Tomb of Tyr.

The Tomb of Tyr (or Keeper's Rest) is an underground area located under the lake of Tyr's Fall in the Whispering Forest in western Tirisfal Glades. It is accessible from a narrow entrance at the bottom of the lake.

The area is comprised of the Vestibule of the Silver Hand, Tyr's tomb, the Darkwalk, and the prison of Zakajz the Corruptor.


After Tyr's sacrifice, his titan-forged allies entombed keeper Tyr, his hammer, and Zakajz the Corruptor where they defeated each other. Tyr's followers then enchanted the tomb with protective wards. They bound the Silver Hand to these magical seals, thereby preventing anyone from touching it in the future. Tyr's Guard then became a secretive order sworn to protect the tomb.

During one journey in Tirisfal, Thoradin and his followers discovered the long-lost tomb of Tyr. A tense confrontation ensued between Thoradin's retinue and Tyr's Guard. Eventually, the former king and his followers forced their way past the guardians and entered the gravesite.[1] Unaware of the darkness resting beneath the earth, Thoradin told his magi to break the tomb's magical wards. The sorcerers thereby inadvertently resurrected Zakajz, who had been kept dead by the seals. The massive horror summoned minions from below the earth and tore through Thoradin's followers, but the king did not flee or cower. His comrades' deaths gave him enough time to bury Strom'kar in Zakajz's brain even as the Corruptor's claws crushed the life from him. The sword's elven enchantments forced the C'Thrax into a deep slumber and kept it from regenerating. However, Thoradin's wounds were mortal and he died shortly after. For centuries thereafter, the former king's ghost lingered near the tomb, unable to find peace.[2][3]

When Travard and the Highlord of the Order of the Silver Hand recovered  [The Silver Hand], the tomb collapsed.[4]


  • Entering the Underwater Passage shows the discovered area message "Keeper's Rest". The name also shows up in the world map UI of the Tomb of Tyr map.

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