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Tomb of the Forgotten
Tomb of the Forgotten
Publisher(s) Cryptozoic Entertainment
Type Standard
Release date June 12, 2012
Total cards 202
Trading Card Game
This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Tomb of the Forgotten

Tomb of the Forgotten art

Tomb of the Forgotten is the 18th normal TCG expansion to be released. It is set 3 of the Aftermath Block.

The third and final set in the Aftermath block gives Monster fans more tools than ever. Unleash the power of the Tol'vir Monsters, and utterly destroy your foes with the new Sentinel mechanic, which lets you double up on attack or defense. The Monster hero line-up is completed in this set, as players gain access to monstrous new Priest, Rogue, and Paladin heroes. But if you want to get creative, explore the endless possibilities with new dual-class Monster heroes! Murloc, Ogre, and Demon fans will also have plenty to get excited about.

Monsters, Monsters, and Still More Monsters! Aftermath - Tomb of the Forgotten introduces a new Monster race - Tol'vir - including three new Monster Heroes (Paladin, Priest, and Rogue), plus dual-class Monster Heroes, new Murloc, Ogre, and Demon allies, and plenty of Loot cards to World of Warcraft: The Card Game.

Loot cards[]

Set Details[]

  • Set Size: 208
  • 70 Common
  • 60 Uncommon
  • 8 Hero
  • 60 Rare
  • 10 Epic

Card Numbering[]

Card numbering will be done numerically, with no order of precedence.