Tombs of the Precursors.

Tombs of the Precursors[74, 44] is a collection of tombs of different shapes and sizes found east of Nahom in Uldum. The sun priests of Nahom are tasked with watching over these tombs, however, recently the Neferset have begun looting and destroying relics held here. The looters' leader, Raider Lord Havat, is found just east of the tombs in Keset Pass.

The Halls of Origination is found just south of here.

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The Tombs of the Precursors has been occupied by the Amathet, a group of tol'vir who believe only they can protect the titans' works. They are reassembling broken Uldum watchers found here.

Tombs of the Precursors Digsite

Tombs of the Precursors Digsite map.jpg

The Tombs of the Precursors is a tol'vir archaeology dig site.

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