For other quests with this name, see Tome of the Cabal.
AllianceTome of the Cabal
Start Strahad Farsan
End Krom Stoutarm
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Category Warlock
Experience 600 EXP (or 3s 60c at level 70)
Previous A Warlock [30] Seeking Strahad
Next A Warlock [30] Tome of the Cabal


Speak with Krom Stoutarm in Ironforge.


It will take more than a simple summoning circle to bring forth a felhunter for you to challenge.

My three acolytes and I will assist in creating the magic circles. You require a copy of the Tome of the Cabal, which has been lost to us for some time. It was written by the first group of warlocks to summon a felhunter unaided.

Perhaps Krom Stoutarm can help you with this. An itinerant warlock these days, he spends his days hoarding ancient texts and skulking about the library in Ironforge.


You will receive:

  • 600 XP (or 3s 60c at level 70)


Tome of the Cabal? Hmm... sounds familiar. I've never seen it here before, though—and believe me, I remember every book I read.


Ah, yes! I have seen references to it in library cataloguing books.


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