Tome of the Cabal (Alliance, 3)

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Not the version of this quest you were looking for? See Tome of the Cabal.
AllianceTome of the Cabal
Start Krom Stoutarm
End Strahad Farsan
Level 30 (Requires 30)
Category Warlock
Experience 2450 EXP (or 15s at level 70)
Previous A Warlock [30] Tome of the Cabal
Next N Warlock [30] The Binding


Bring the  [Reconstructed Tome] and 3 Rods of Channeling to Strahad Farsan in Ratchet.


Well, ah, it's hard to let it go. But you found it, and you have more important things to do with it, of course. Just, please, be sure to mention to Strahad that I wanted a copy.

While you were out, he sent a message for you. He wanted me to tell you that for his acolytes to assist with the summoning, you'll have to acquire three rods of channeling.

He might not know where to find them, but I do! They were last used by the orcs of the Dragonmaw clan in the Wetlands. I'd check their spellcasters!


You will gain:

  • 2450 XP (or 15s at level 70)


Haven't seen you around these parts for a while. Have you found the tome and the rods?


Well done! The Tome of the Cabal and three pristine—slightly scratched, I suppose—rods of channeling.

This will be interesting. It's been some time since a young <class> took on a felhunter to make his own.


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