AllianceTools for Steelgrill
Start Tharek Blackstone
End Beldin Steelgrill
Level 5 (Requires 2)
Category Dun Morogh
Experience 110 EXP (or 60c at level 70)
Rewards 25c


Deliver Steelgrill's Tools to Beldin Steelgrill.


Beldin Steelgrill owns the local mechanic shop, and he's the best siege engine tech there is! But he's not forgiving to his tools. I swear he almost breaks more arclight spanners than we can supply him with!

We just filled his last order for tools. If you deliver it to him I'm sure he'll make it worth the effort.

His shop, Steelgrill's Depot, is just northeast of Kharanos. And it's a local haunt for veteran siege engine pilots, so keep your ears open for opportunities while you're there.


You will receive: 25c


Hm? You look a little young to be a siege engine pilot. But no you need something fixed?

Well take a number and get comfortable. I'm working on a couple engines right now and won't have time for another job for at least a few days.

Or, were you here for something else...?


You have my tools? Well done, lad, well done! I just broke my last fang-ratchet an hour ago and I need one of those to finish repairs on Pilot Stonegear's siege engine. You did a good thing by lugging those tools here, <name>.

Here, take these coins for your help.

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