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The subject of this article or section is part of Midsummer Fire Festival, a seasonal event that lasts two weeks, after which it is no longer available until the next year.

HordeTorch Catching
Start Master Flame Eater
End Master Flame Eater
Level 1-60
Category Midsummer Fire Festival
Rewards  [Juggling Torch] x5 and  [Burning Blossom] x5
11g 99s
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [1-60] Torch Catching.


Catch 4 torches in a row, then speak with the Master Flame Eater.


Now that you can throw a torch, let's see if you can catch one!

Take this stack of unlit torches. Go to the bonfire and throw a torch high into the air. Catch it before it hits the ground... then throw it back up! Catch four in a row, come back to me.

Careful! They're dangerous if they hit the ground! And don't miss any catches! If you do then you'll have to go back to the bonfire and start over. Good luck!


You will receive:  [Juggling Torch] x5,  [Burning Blossom] x5 and 11g 99s


Torch catching is a lot of fun, don't you think? But have care! You don't want to get singed!


Did you get burned? If you did, then maybe you'll think twice before playing with fire...

Just kidding! Well done! It's official. You're a bona fide fire juggler. Now get out there and have some fun!


One of the more frustrating quests, B [1-60] Torch Catching continues to confound even seasoned players. This guide is by no means the only way to complete the quest; if your method works for you, stay with it.

"Where did it go?"

You toss that torch, and pft!, it's gone. The first toss is the longest, highest, and easiest to lose. However, it's also the most predictable: if you start at the same spot near the bonfire, it's always going to fly in approximately the same direction and land in the same general area. Test run: pick a tracking method below, let fly, run in the launch direction, and get a feel for where you will need to be when it lands. If you can't even tell where it's landing, you're probably not running far enough. The torch doesn't travel quite as fast as you run, but you don't have a lot of time to stand around.

Track from Above

To maximize the view here, go to Interface, Camera, MAKE NOTE of your current settings, and set the following: Follow Terrain - uncheck, Max Camera Distance - High, Camera Following Style - Never adjust camera. Click Okay and return to game. Now angle the camera so you are looking straight down and zoom all the way out. You should be now able to see the torch for all tosses except the first one.

Track from Below

Zoom all the way in so your toon disappears, and look straight up.

Note: Since tracking from above is pretty much how you play the rest of the game, it is more intuitive and less disorienting than from below. However, from below is the only way never to lose sight of the torch. Use what works best for you. d

Follow that Shadow

Another trick is to take note where the shadow of the torch is on the ground. This trick works best in places of even ground such as Ironforge or Orgrimmar. By following the shadow you can run in a straight line, making sure that you stay slightly ahead of it so that when the torch finally falls it will land right before your toon.

"There it is! But I can't...get enough!

A moment after you catch the torch, it launches itself in a random direction behind you, and there's just not enough time to turn around and catch up to it. First, make sure you have any fast forms or Aspects you have are active (Hunters/Shamans/Druids. The rest is skill...

Keyboard Method

The key to success is staying a step ahead. This technique requires the use of your "Strafing" keys (default Q and E). Strafing allows you to run at full speed directly to the left or right of the direction you are facing. If you're not comfortable with strafing, take a minute to play around with it, especially combining it with your normal movement keys to understand the effects that it has, and the different directions you can move.

Once you're comfortable with strafing, try a torch run with it. Position yourself facing 90 degrees to the direction the torch will fly, since you will be strafing to get to it. You can use your other movement keys to adjust your position forward and backward (to the right and left of the torch's path, since you're moving sideways) as you run.

Now, if you are equally comfortable strafing and moving in both directions, then when you catch the torch, you can just start strafing back the other way. However, many players find they are more comfortable strafing in one direction. If so, as soon as the you catch the torch, start turning to face the direction you just came from. Since you were running sideways, you only have 90 degrees to turn instead of 180. This makes all the difference in the world. The next torch may not fly exactly that direction, but it will always fly somewhere within the 180 degrees in front of you now; which means, with strafe in your arsenal, you can always start running full speed towards it as soon as it launches.

As the torch rises and you get in front of it, turn so you're strafing again; so, again, you will only have 90 degrees to turn once you catch it.

Mouse Method

If you only have two mouse keys and no mouse wheel, you may have to stick with the Keyboard Method.

If you've never tried moving with your mouse, give this method a shot. It can be very tricky, as your turn speed is not constant as with keys, but rather is relative to the speed at which you move your mouse; but some people quickly adapt to this method and never go back.


Under Options (Esc), Key Bindings, Movement Keys; assign Move and Steer to one of your mouse keys, and hit Okay.

If you have a mouse wheel, your wheel may also actually be a button. To find out, click next to Move and Steer under either Key 1 or Key 2 (this generates a "Press Key to Bind to Command -> Move and Steer" message at the bottom of the window) and immediately press down on your wheel (without turning it) as you do you other mouse keys. If you see "Middle Mouse" appear, your wheel is also a button! NOTE: as with all changes to Key Bindings, make sure you did not just get a red warning message at the bottom of the window saying "<Such-and-such> Function is Now Unbound!" If you do, make sure the next button you click is Cancel.


Simplicity itself. Hold down the mouse key you assigned above. You will run as long as the button is down, and turn however you move your mouse. When you catch the torch, just whip the mouse around until you are facing the right way.


Under Options (Esc), Interface, Mouse:

  • Mouse Sensitivity: this adjusts how fast/far your mouse cursor moves across the screen per amount your mouse is moved on the mouse pad. You will likely "not" want to change this, unless you are already unhappy with how your mouse cursor behaves.
  • Mouse Look Speed: this adjusts how quickly the camera moves per amount the mouse moves (or the amount the mouse would move, if it didn't disappear when moving the camera). This is what you will want to change if you feel you are turning too fast or not fast enough using Move and Steer.


  • Shadow: Some people also like to use the shadow of the torch to help track it. On sloped surfaces, the shadow will actually tend to be more accurate. Some terrains, though, make the shadow difficult to see. To get the hang of it, try it in a city with flat smooth surfaces, such as the Exodar. In addition, you can increase the visibility under Video, Effects by increasing Particle Density and Shadow Quality.
  • Position: Always try to stay just ahead of the torch/shadow. Not only does this provide a larger margin of error (you can always run slower; can't run faster than run), but it consistently results in more successful catches than following an equal distance behind.
  • The first pitch: If tracking from above, start running as soon as you throw, and note the path of the torch as it rises in relation to your toon beneath it. If it deviates to one side or another, angle your run slightly towards it so you'll be closer to it when it reappears.
  • Distractions: Other people's torches look just like yours. If there are too many people around, try it at an off time, or head to a less-popular location (Exodar and Silvermoon City for example).
  • Wolf form: If you are a shaman you can toss torches while in wolf form which means you can be there when the torch falls much quicker.


  1. B [1-60] Torch Tossing
  2. B [1-60] Torch Catching

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