Torek's Assault (quest)

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HordeTorek's Assault
Start Torek
End Ertog Ragetusk
Level 24 (Requires 20)
Type Normal
Category Ashenvale
Experience 2400
Reputation 350 Orgrimmar
Rewards 17s

Escort Torek into the Night Elf base and defeat all the NPC's that spawn.


Escort Torek on his attack against Silverwing Outpost and Duriel Moonfire, then report to Ertog Ragetusk at Splintertree Post.

  • Take Silverwing Outpost.


Hey! <class>! Come here!

My raiders and I are about to attack the Silverwing Outpost to the west. Our target is its leader, Duriel Moonfire. Scouts report the outpost is defended heavily with sentinels and warriors. The battle will be glorious!

Do you want to share in the glory, <name>, and aid us? If so, then when it's over you can report our success to my superior, Ertog Ragetusk in Splintertree.

What do you say. Are you with us?


So Torek's attack was successful! Well done, <name>. Night elves are decent foes. A little skinny, but strong and fierce! I'm sure the battle was something to see...

And I hope you gained a scar or two!


You will receive one of the following
Inv staff 20.png [Polished Walking Staff] Inv sword 33.png [Slatemetal Cutlass]

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