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Not to be confused with Prince Toreth.
Toreth Bluestar
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Title Lorekeeper, Master
Gender Male
Race Night elf
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Deceased parents, Keda (lover)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Toreth Bluestar is a night elf "Lorekeeper", meaning it is his duty to record the names and noteworthy deeds of his fellow kaldorei. He is small but handsome, with teal skin and a tangle of green hair. He was orphaned at a very young age.

The Sentinel Keda Bloomblade fell in love with Toreth but lacked the confidence to tell him, instead often turning clumsy and awkward in his presence. After a ceremony in which Keda was honored for having defended a shrine from a bog beast, Toreth approached her to ask her questions about the battle. This gave her the idea to impress him and work up the courage to confess her feelings by performing feats of heroism. She began throwing herself against increasingly dangerous foes and, as expected, got to speak with Toreth after each battle. He began inviting her for tea, but she continued to feel too embarrassed to accept his offers until her friend, the alchemist Elyrion Fogsong, had her collect ingredients for a potion that would give her bravery.

The potion caused Keda to finally agree to have tea with the Lorekeeper. They began meeting regularly, with Toreth one night inviting Keda to the roof of the Sentinel barracks to watch a migration of glowmoths. He told her that there was more to life than service and battle, and the two shared a kiss. Weeks later, Keda revealed what it was that caused her to start courting Toreth, but he—having studied a bit of alchemy himself—revealed that all of the ingredients she'd collected for Elyrion were useless. He added that, as Lorekeeper, he was familiar with the alchemist's personal history: his wife and daughter were killed in battle. Toreth and Keda sought out the alchemist at reclusive home. He told them about his lost family and of how he preferred to live alone rather than risk suffering such a loss again, but Keda told him that he was worthy of having a family again and managed to convince him to return to the village with her and Toreth.[1]


  • Toreth: "There's more to life than just battles."
Keda: "So people keep telling me. Family and such."
Toreth: "Not all of us have families. I was orphaned very young."
Keda: "I'm sorry. I—me neither. I mean, they live. But they had their hearts set on a son to carry on our line of druids. But their daughter did not want that life."
Toreth: "Perhaps that is why we understand each other. But I only meant that life is more than service and glory. There can be moments of beauty, too, and us lucky enough to witness them."
Keda: "So I am discovering."
  • Toreth: "What made you finally start courting me?"
Keda: "Finally? I thought I was being subtle."
Toreth: "Subtlety is not one of your strong traits. Luckily, you have others."