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Tormented Tanya

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NeutralTormented Tanya
Image of Tormented Tanya
Gender Female
Race Ash ghoul (Humanoid)
Level 57-60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Court of Harvesters, Venthyr Covenant
Location Sinfall, Revendreth
Status Alive

Tormented Tanya is an ash ghoul located in Sinfall near the flight master Courier Snaggle and the gargon Vrednic. She says one of four possible gossip texts when you interact with her, talking about the Light's invasion of the Ember Ward, her involvement in why that happened, and time.


  • Hello Light, my old friend.
Here to burn me again?
To bumble the crumble of my humble mumble against the blight of my plight in this Light.
It hurts with healing and burns with life.
  • They said it was done! Done! Or was that ages ago? Or was it ages until they would be done? Or ages done they would?
Time is not a yo-yo!
Wait? Do I know what a yo-yo is yet? When is now?
  • Where have all the planners gone?
To burn and ache and worry so,
They scream forever long,
of their brain bits becoming dough!
Wait did that rhythm or just rhyme?
Perhaps I should say it one more time.
I wish I had a lime.
Was what I did really such a bad crime?
  • Schedules I was given and schedules I kept.
Plans were made and hope I gave.
But it all burns like tears of fire.
No where to hide in this place. They see you. And if they do not, the others will.

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