Alliance & HordeTormmok
Image of Tormmok
Title Gorian Expedition Leader
"Retired" Gorian Centurion
High Centurion
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 15-40
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Garrison
Former affiliation(s) Gorian Empire
Occupation Centurion
Location Destroyed Expedition, Gorgrond
Status Alive

Tormmok is a ogre located at the Destroyed Expedition in Gorgrond. He is a mighty soldier and veteran of countless battles.[1]


Tormmok was a High Centurion of the Gorian Empire. He used to keep the order at the Broken Precipice in Nagrand. When Imperator Mar'gok came to power, he entered in an argument when Mar'gok pushed the legion aside for powerful artifacts. So, he sent Tormmok and his followers on an expedition to Gorgrond to find relics and the first ogre civilization, presumably making sure that they would never return. Before leaving on this quest, Tormmok wanted to take his favorite sword, but Vizier Dar'gud refused to let him take it and said, "You won't need it where you are going." Soon after he and the Expedition left for Gorgrond.

They would be ambushed by the Botani and Tormmok would be the last to die if he wasn't saved by an adventurer. Together, they defeated Woodfist and his troops. Not wanting to remain in the forest or return as a coward to the king, he joins the adventurer's garrison. After building a relationship of trust with his new commander, he asked his friend to return with him to Broken Precipice and reclaimed his sword from Dar'gud.

He can also be seen watching fights between garrison commanders in the Coliseum of Highmaul.


As a bodyguard


  • Curse you... Mar'gok...
  • I will NOT die in this accursed jungle! I will not become plant food! My death is meant for something far more glorious than you plants!
  • I yet live you green beasts! Come face Tormmok if you dare!
  • Is that the best you can do?! I've put bigger forests to the torch in my campaigns!
  • You just keep coming like the weeds you are! Fine then! I've killed a hundred of you, I can kill hundreds more!
  • I hate this jungle... You there! I would speak with you.
After fighting off the Primals
You are the first thing that has not immediately attacked me since my expedition arrived in this forsaken land... I should not even be here!
Gossip No one should become fertilizer for these monsters. How did you come to be here?
Ever since "Sorceror[sic] King" Mar'gok came to power and found those artifacts its[sic] been Felbreaker this and Firebreaker that. With his newfound power he thinks he doesn't need the Legion!
This empire was forged with ogre strength and ogre blades and I told him as such!
Gossip I doubt he took that well...
He did not. He turned my words against me!
He ordered me and my loyal supporters to go on this cursed expedition to find the first ogre civilization and find some stupid relics! I could not disobey... now my troops are all dead and I cannot return...
  • All of Draenor will fall beneath us.
  • Is there a foe worth crushing, commander?
  • Give me troops, commander, and I will give you the Gorian Empire!
  • You have orders, sir?
  • The camp could use discipline, commander.
  • You need true ogre strength at your side, commander.
As a Bodyguard
  • Another. I could do this all day!
  • Barely worth the effort.
  • Face me, cowards!
  • For a moment I thought this might have been a challenge.
  • Hah. I've killed bigger in my sleep!
  • I almost broke a sweat that time.
  • I am the strongest ogre in all of Draenor!
  • I am yours to command, my liege.
  • I could kill a hundred of you at once!
  • I will end your worthless life!
  • I have no king. I've chosen my side.
  • Mar'gok will regret losing my brawn.
  • Okay boss.
  • Surely there are stronger foes.
  • That nearly tickled.
  • This can hardly be called a battle...
  • This will be a glorious battle.
  • Today is not the day I die.
  • We will slay countless foes together.
  • You call that a fight?
  • You cannot break me!
  • You face the fist of the empire, fool.
  • Your death will be forgotten quickly...
  • Your pathetic life is over.
During An Ogre Without His Sword
  • Lug'dol is nearby.
  • I have no king. I've chosen my side.
  • Will you grab my sword, commander? I cannot penetrate the runic circle Dar'gud placed around it.


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