Torn Zandalari Journal

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  • Torn Zandalari Journal
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  • Sell Price: 2g 4s 2c

The Torn Zandalari Journal is a rare drop from Zandalari trolls in Za'Tual, the Beast Pens, and the Conqueror's Terrace on the Isle of Thunder.

Looting this book is one of the requirements of the Pandaria quest achievement [Zandalari Library Card].


Torn Zandalari Journal

I take back everything I said about this place. When Zul landed us on the northern shores of the mainland, I thought this was the promised land, the salvation of the Zandalari. The fishing villages fell easily. Nobody put up a battle 'til those dark ones came along - the "Shado-Pan." They don't stand up and fight. They come at us from the trees. Sometimes I swear they walk through walls. Always behind us, always out of the corner of our eyes - never fighting from the front.

Once we had that old mogu king's corpse, we were out of there. Mogu, mogu, mogu. I could see why Zul wanted them as our allies: I saw the glory of their ancient empire firsthand when we fought our way through the Valley of Emperors.

But that was weeks ago. Now I'm slogging through a swamp, digging up statues in the rain. The mogu look down on us. I can see it, at least in the ones that have eyes. Some of them are just stones, with stones for hearts and stones for brains.

They're using us. But Zul says they'll keep their word once they're in power again. And Zul... he just seems to KNOW things.

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