NeutralTortaka tribe
Tortaka Refuge.jpg
Tortaka Refuge
Race(s) Tortollan Tortollan
Base of operations Tortaka Refuge
Temple of Kimbul
  Formerly Darkwood Shoal
Theater of operations Northeastern Vol'dun
Status Active

“I have lived many years and seen many things. The Tortaka tribe survived long before I was born and it will survive long after I am dead.”

Elder Kuppaka

The Tortaka tribe is a small[1] tribe of tortollans that formerly inhabited a small fishing village[2] in Darkwood Shoal in Vol'dun,[3] where they survived on fishing and crab hunting.[4] They used to frequently trade with the Zandalari exiles at the Scorched Sands Outpost.[3] Recently, the Stormcoil naga invaded Darkwood Shoal, killing many of the Tortaka and forcing the rest to flee to Tortaka Refuge,[2][4] where the tortollans were trapped between the naga-controlled ocean in the east and the sethrak-controlled desert in the west with little in the way of food and supplies.[5]

When an adventurer arrives, they help the Tortaka investigate the naga's motives and discover that the Stormcoil are searching for the Ring of Tides, a powerful artifact that was lost during a battle between the naga and the loa Eraka no Kimbul centuries prior.[2][4] The Tortaka resolve that Kimbul may be their only hope against the naga, and the two tribe members Teekcha and Tulu go ahead to Kimbul's ruined temple to investigate, but they find that the temple's entrance is sealed and that the temple grounds are overrun with huge spiders.[6]

The adventurer helps rescue several Tortaka tribesmen trapped in spider webs,[7] clears out the spiders to make the temple a safe refuge for the tribe,[8] and obtains the Ring of Tides,[9] allowing them to enter the temple and deliver a Tortaka offering to Kimbul. However, while the loa sympathizes with the Tortaka's plight against the naga, honor will not allow him to accept the tortollans as followers since the spirits of his ancient followers still suffer from a curse cast upon them by Summoner Mepjila, the naga leader who attacked Kimbul's temple years earlier. Thus, the adventurer proceeds to enter the spirit realm and slays Mepjila's spirit, freeing Kimbul's followers from their eternal torment.[10][11] Shortly after, an an army of Stormcoil naga rise from the sea to attack Kimbul's temple. In response, the loa transforms the adventurer into his avatar to ravage the naga and force them back into the ocean. Afterward, Kimbul declares that he can now accept the Tortaka as his followers and that his temple will forever be a place of refuge for their tribe.[12]




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Patu, living near Tortaka Refuge and Darkwood Shoal, may be a member of the tribe.


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