Image of Tortos
Race Dragon turtle (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Lair of Tortos, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable

Tortos is the fourth boss encounter in the Throne of Thunder and the first part of the  [Forgotten Depths] wing of the raid.


Adventure Guide

Over the millennia, small amounts of mogu flesh-shaping magic seeped into the caverns below the Thunder King's citadel. The dark energies warped one of the chamber's native dragon turtles, melding it to the surrounding crystalline walls. Known as Tortos, this amalgamation of flesh and stone has since feasted on the cave's rich mineral deposits and grown to a colossal size.

Encounter Design

Along with asking why we fight, and learning that our true enemy is war itself, a major theme of the Mists of Pandaria has been killing turtles. This raid encounter elevates that motif to all-new heights, presenting players with the chance to fight a huge turtle, and small turtles, and also the ability to kick one of the small turtles into the big turtle. What more could you ask for?

Fun fact: We originally wanted to make a fire turtle boss in the southeastern section of Firelands in Patch 4.2, but opted not to at the time; we’ve been looking for an opportunity to do a turtle fight ever since.[1]

Spells and abilities

  • Achievement boss tortos.png  Call of Tortos —  Tortos lets out a rumbling call, causing several smaller turtles to enter the area and attack players. 1 sec cast

Whirl Turtle

  • 10: 3,150,000
  • 10H: 5,600,000
  • LFR: 4,200,000
  • 25: 10,500,000
  • 25H: 17,500,000
  • Ability thunderking spinningshell.png  Spinning Shell —  The turtle chases players around the room, spinning rapidly and continuously inflicting 125,128 (LFR: 46,125 /Heroic Difficulty: 205,000) Physical damage to enemies within 5 yards, knocking them away.
  • Ability vehicle shellshieldgenerator.png  Shell Block Important —  The turtle hides in his shell at low health, gaining immunity to all damage. While in this state, the turtle can be kicked across the room by players, applying Shell Concussion to any creatures it hits along the way.
  • Ability thunderking kickshell.png  Kick Shell Important —  This extra action button can be used to kick a defeated Whirl Turtle across the room. Move close to the shell, then aim by positioning it between yourself and your target. Enemies hit by the shell are afflicted by Shell Concussion.
  • Priest icon chakra green.png  Shell Concussion Important —  When kicked, the shell spins forward, interrupting enemies it touches and leaving them off-balance, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 25% for 20 sec.


  • Inv misc dust.png  Furious Stone Breath Deadly — Inflicts 153,375 (LFR: 15,375 /Heroic Difficulty: 358,750) Nature damage to all enemies every 0.5 sec for 4.5 sec. 5 sec cast. Requires 100 Fury to cast.
  • Ability warrior innerrage.png  Growing Fury —  Tortos becomes angry when no enemies are in melee range, gaining 10 (LFR: 5) Fury.
  • Ability thunderking rockfallhigh.png  Rockfall —  A lightning-charged stalactite falls from the roof of the cave, inflicting 367,500 (LFR: 105,000 /Heroic Difficulty: 527875) Nature damage to enemies within 5 yards and 89,100 Nature damage to enemies within 20 yards.
  • Spell nature earthquake.png  Quake Stomp Deadly —  Tortos performs a massive stomp, stunning all enemies for 1 sec and inflicting Physical damage to each equal to 65% (LFR: 30% /Heroic Difficulty: 100%) of their maximum health. Quake Stomp also increases the frequency of Rockfalls for 8 sec. 2.3 sec cast
  • Ability criticalstrike.png  Snapping Bite Tank Alert —  Tortos snaps his jaws shut around the target, inflicting 538,125 (Heroic Difficulty: 699,050) Physical damage. 25-man: Inflicts 699,050 (LFR: 333,125 /Heroic Difficulty: 908,769) Physical damage. 1.4 sec cast

Vampiric Cave Bat

  • 10: 4,215,920
  • 10H: 4,215,920
  • LFR: 8,221,044
  • 25: 12,647,760
  • 25H: 12,647,760
  • Ability hunter pet bat.png  Drain the Weak —  Drains health when attacking targets with less than 550,000 current health, inflicting 25% of weapon damage as Physical and healing the caster for 50% (LFR: 10%) of the damage dealt.

Heroic Difficulty

  • Inv datacrystal01.png  Crystal Shell Heroic Difficulty Healer Alert —  The crystal reacts when struck, encasing the attacker in a shell that absorbs incoming damage and healing. Initially the shell can absorb up to 15% of max health in damage, but healing absorbed by the shell is added to this total, up to a cap of 75% of max health. The shell breaks when it cannot absorb any more damage.


Tortos is a one-phase encounter that usually requires two tanks: one for Tortos and one for the Vampiric Cave Bats. All raid members should watch out for the blue circles that signal Rockfall. Tortos will periodically use Quake Stomp which will take away 65% of the raid's maximum HP. This damage is mitigated by defensive cooldowns.

The primary mechanic for the encounter are the Whirl Turtles that spawn periodically. When the turtles die, they retreat into their shell and can be kicked, applying a debuff to the boss and any adds, including other Whirl Turtles, it hits. Tortos has a relatively large hitbox, so it is advisable to hit as many bats and turtles as possible when kicking a shell at Tortos. However, at least one shell must be saved in order to interrupt the casting of Tortos' Furious Stone Breath attack which does severe damage to the raid once he reaches 100% Fury. Also keep in mind the stalagmites on the side of the room may interrupt line of sight for kicking the shells into Tortos, so be mindful of where you kill the turtles. One helpful tactic is to kill a turtle in the center of the room, if possible, and save it for the next Call of Tortos since the three incoming Whirl Turtles will arrive in a straight line, easily hit by a kicked shell. This will apply the debuff to all three turtles and make them initially much easier to kill.

Vampiric Cave Bats will spawn at the ceiling and fly down to attack the raid. The second tank must pick up these bats quickly and position them in front of the boss so they can easily be hit by kicked shells. They should be hit with any shells the raid has to spare and AOE'd down. The bats may recover health over time due to Drain the Weak, so all dps must be focused on the adds or they will take much longer to kill than necessary.

The dps increase from the Whirl Turtles' Shell Concussion is vital to keeping the number of adds low and damage on the boss high. Overall, Tortos can be seen as one of the easier fights in the Throne of Thunder, since the raid mostly just has to master the positioning and use of the dead Whirl Turtles to win.


Item Type Description
 [Amulet of the Primal Turtle] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Necklace Strength DPS
 [Azure Shell Bracers] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth bracers Caster
 [Beady-Eye Bracers] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail bracers Agility
 [Beakbreaker Greatcloak] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloak Tank
 [Crystal-Claw Gloves] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth gloves Caster
 [Grips of Vampiric Cruelty] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather gloves Agility
 [Quakestompers] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail boots Agility
 [Refreshing Abalone Girdle] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate belt Spirit
 [Robes of Concussive Shocks] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather chest Spirit
 [Rockfall Ribwraps] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather chest Agility
 [Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Bow Agility
 [Shell-Coated Wristplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate bracers Tank
 [Shellsplitter Greataxe] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand axe Strength DPS
 [Shimmershell Cape] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloak Caster
 [Shoulderguards of Centripetal Destruction] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders DPS
 [Spaulders of Quaking Fear] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail shoulders Spirit
 [Stonegaze Hood] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth helm Spirit
 [Tortos' Discarded Shell] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Shield Spirit
 [Tortos' Shellseizers] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate gloves Spirit
 [Vampire Bat-Hide Bracers] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather bracers Spirit
Shared boss loot
Item Type Description
 [Abandoned Spaulders of Arrowflight] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail shoulders Agility
 [Abandoned Spaulders of Renewal] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Mail shoulders Caster
 [Bo-Ris, Horror in the Night] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Polearm Strength
 [Darkwood Spiritstaff] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Staff Agility
 [Do-tharak, the Swordbreaker] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand sword Strength
 [Forgotten Mantle of the Moon] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather shoulders Agility
 [Forgotten Mantle of the Sun] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Leather shoulders Caster
 [Fyn's Flickering Dagger] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Dagger Agility
 [Greatsword of Frozen Hells] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Two-hand sword Strength
 [Invocation of the Dawn] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Two-hand mace Caster
 [Jerthud, Graceful Hand of the Savior] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand mace Spirit
 [Lost Shoulders of Fire] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth shoulders Caster DPS
 [Lost Shoulders of Fluidity] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth shoulders Caster
 [Lost Shoulders of Healing] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Cloth shoulders Spirit
 [Miracoran, the Vehement Chord] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Bow Agility
 [Nadagast's Exsanguinator] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Dagger Caster DPS
 [Reconstructed Bloody Shoulderplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders Tank
 [Reconstructed Furious Shoulderplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders Strength
 [Reconstructed Holy Shoulderplates] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Plate shoulders Caster
 [Tia-Tia, the Scything Star] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Fist weapon Agility
 [Visage of the Doomed] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) Shield Tank
 [Zeeg's Ancient Kegsmasher] (LFR · TF · H · H TF) One-hand mace Agility

Related Achievements



10m Heroic


25-man Normal

Patch changes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-04-16): Fixed an issue where certain situations could cause Whirl Turtles to travel more slowly than intended when kicked.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2013-04-10):
    • Whirl Turtles now have a reduced base movement speed in 10-player Normal difficulty.
    • Vampiric Cave Bats now deal less damage in 10-player Normal difficulty.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05): Added.


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