Touch of Elune
Spell holy elunesgrace.png
  • Touch of Elune
  • Night elf racial
  • Passive
  • Increases your Haste by 1% during the night.

    Increases your Critical Strike by 1% during the day.
Usable by
Class All
Race Night elf
School Physical
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown

Touch of Elune is a passive night elf racial trait with the unique property of giving a buff to Haste or Critical Strike depending on the time of day, benefiting all playable classes to some degree. Notably, it is the only known racial to apply different alternating benefits to players between the night and day.


  • This ability seems to be granted to night elves by the power of their moon goddess Elune.
  • As all instances are set to 'daylight hours', night elf characters are guaranteed the Crit bonus no matter what time it is.

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