The box.

The Town-In-A-Box is a device that deploys a town wherever it is desired. It was invented by Hobart Grapplehammer, a goblin genius behind many products for the Kajaro Trading Company.


There are different types of Town-In-A-Box such as:

  • Town-In-A-Box - Deploys a town that can contain some houses, a poultryizer (for food), a forge, an anvil, a mailbox, a KTC Train-a-Tron Deluxe, a goblin barbecue, a "micro" mechachicken (also for food), and seemingly a generator for power, along with a control panel in the center of town. It can also contain docks and an oil refinery.
  • City-In-A-Box - The same as a Town-In-A-Box but in a larger scale and with more buildings.
  • Airbase-In-A-Box - Deploys an airbase. It is advised not to deploy them on mountain peaks.
  • Lab-In-A-Box - Deploys a lab.

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