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Town Hall
Initial Build Cost Free
Level 2 Upgrade Cost 200 Garrison Resources
Level 3 Upgrade Cost 2000 Garrison Resources & 5000g
Benefit(s) Missions
Town Hall Alliance3.jpg
Alliance tier 3 Town Hall
Town Hall Horde3.jpg
Horde tier 3 Town Hall

The Town Hall is constructed along with the garrison during one of the beginning quests in Shadowmoon Valley/Frostfire Ridge, and is the location where missions are taken care of and where buildings are constructed and upgraded. It is a permanent garrison fixture. Upgrading the Town Hall is the mechanism by which the garrison itself is upgraded to Tier 2 and Tier 3.


The central hub of all garrison activity. Access to your Architect and Mission Specialist can be found inside.

Building benefits

Level 1
Unlocks access to a large and small building plot.
Level 2
Unlocks access to a medium and additional small building plot.
Level 3
Unlocks access to an additional large, medium and small building plot. Also grants access to 3 custom monuments and a direct transport to Ashran. Pristine archaeology finds can now be exhibited in the Town Hall.


The physical building contains important planning tables with maps that allow the player to direct garrison activities.

Architect Table
Allows construction and upgrade of buildings on garrison plots, as well as assignment of followers to profession buildings.
Command Table
Allows garrison followers to be sent on missions.
Fleet Command Table
Allows ships to be sent on missions once the Shipyard is upgraded to level 3.
War Planning Map
Gives access to one of two Garrison Support daily quests per day.





  • The mailbox switches sides of the front steps between the level 2 and level 3 Alliance Town Hall. This is only really noticeable when mailing things between alts in different level garrisons.
  • Serka refers to the town hall in Frostwall as a great hall. As such, the level 3 Horde Town Hall could be a stronghold.


Horde Horde
Alliance Alliance

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