Toxic Blade

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Not to be confused with [Toxic Blades].
Toxic Blade
Inv weapon shortblade 62.png
  • Toxic Blade
  • Level 90 Assassination rogue talent
  • Melee range
  • 20 Energy
  • 25 sec cooldown
  • Instant
  • Requires Daggers
  • Stab your enemy with a toxic poisoned blade, dealing 600% Nature damage.

    The damage of your poisons against the target is increased by 35% for 9 sec.
Usable by
Class Rogue
School Nature
Cooldown 25 sec
Other information
Level learned 90
Related debuff
Inv weapon shortblade 62.png
  • Toxic Blade
  • 35% increased damage taken from poisons from the casting Rogue.
  • Duration: 9 seconds

Toxic Blade is a level 90 Assassination rogue talent.

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