Toxic Test

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NeutralToxic Test
Start Torwa Pathfinder
End Torwa Pathfinder
Level 52 (Requires 50)
Type Group
Category Druid
Experience 7350
Previous N Druid [52] Bloodpetal Poison
Next N Druid [52D] A Better Ingredient


Stab a Devilsaur with the  [Devilsaur Barb]. Return to Torwa Pathfinder in Un'Goro Crater when you have completed this task.


The toxin you helped me create is for a special purpose. The great devilsaurs of the crater make it dangerous to hunt and difficult for me to survive. Even if I possessed the necessary strength, killing a devilsaur simply allows another to move into its territory.

Take this poisoned barb and stab it deep into a living devilsaur. The toxin should pacify the creature, though I do not know how quickly...


Thank you, <name>. You are brave and wise.

Tell me, how did the devilsaur react to the toxin?


To complete the quest you simply need to stab the Devilsaur with the provided barb. It's not necessary to kill it. This makes the quest easily soloable, despite it being marked as a Group Quest. One trick is to use [Hibernate] to make the beast fall sleep, then use the barb, shapeshift into travel form and run away.


  1. N Druid [52] Torwa Pathfinder
  2. N Druid [52] Bloodpetal Poison
  3. N Druid [52G] Toxic Test
  4. N Druid [52D] A Better Ingredient

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