Toxic Tolerance

Horde 32.png Toxic Tolerance
Start Mor'vek
End Mor'vek
Level 15-30
Category Un'Goro Crater
Experience 750 or 45 Silver.png at 80
Rewards 80 Silver.png
Next Horde 15.png  [15-30] Venomhide Eggs


Mor'vek in Un'Goro Crater claims that if you were poisoned by Venomhide Ravasaur blood 20 times, you could ride one without dying. Attack Venomhide Ravasaurs for a chance to be poisoned.

  • Splashed with Venomhide blood (20)


You want to ride a Venomhide? Then I've got bad news for you.

The Venomhide Ravasaurs, they're all poison: Poison blood, poison spit, poison skin. You climb on one, you fall off dead in a few hours.

You'd have to build up a resistance to their toxins before I sold you one, and that takes a long, LONG time... you'd need to be splashed with poisonous blood while fighting one numerous times. If you're really interested, the venomhides prefer the northern area of of the Marshlands, northwest of here.


You will receive: 80 Silver.png


You did it? You actually did it?!

Ho ho! Stubborn as my wife, you are.


  • 750 XP or 45 Silver.png at level 80

Tips & tricks

  • What actually triggers the "Poison" is attacking 2+ mobs at the same time. IE if you have 2 on you you will get 1 charge, if you have 3 you will get 2, this is also good only once per instance so you must actually kill them and get it to reset. The trick is to string them together, not just get a pair and kill, you want to try and get 4-5 in a group as you will get 3-4 poison stacks. If you just kill 2 pairs you get 2 points, group of 4 is 3 points.
  • Depending on level, you may have to remove your gear to reduce stats and damage as the raptors have a higher chance of poisoning you when being damaged.
    • If your level is so high that not even removing gear is enough, dying and accepting Spell shadow deathscream.png [Resurrection Sickness] will help as it reduces all attributes as well as damage by 75% for 10 minutes.
    • Inv hand 1h trollshaman c 01.png  [Whole-Body Shrinka'] can also help, although due to its short duration of 3 minutes and long cooldown of 30 minutes, it isn't available often. However, it reduces damage done by 99%.
  • Hunters and Shamans can equip Inv chest mail legionquest100 b 01.png  [Flamescale Mail] which will deal a small amount of AoE damage every 8 seconds. The damage scales with your level. This item is best used by gathering up several Venomhide Ravasaurs.
    • If the damage of Flamescale Mail ever becomes too much, it can be paired with Resurrection Sickness and will deal a lot less damage.
    • Hunters can also Ability rogue feigndeath.png [Feign Death] to reset the health of the ravasaurs, which removes the need to go find more if they die.
  • A Inv sword 22.png  [Foam Sword] can be used as it deals minuscule amounts of damage. One can be obtained from a Ability warrior challange.png  [Foam Sword Rack].
    • Do not confuse it with the toy item, Inv sword 139.png  [Soft Foam Sword], as it deals 90% of the target's maximum health and stuns them, which does not help with this quest.
  • The engineering item, Inv misc dragonkite 01.png  [Goblin Dragon Gun, Mark II] is also a great tool for this quest, due to its low damage and frontal AoE cone. Thus, it is best used by gathering up multiple Venomhide Ravasaurs and positioning them in front of you.


  1. Horde 15.png  [15-30] Toxic Tolerance
  2. Horde 15.png  [15-30] Venomhide Eggs
  3. Horde 15.png  [15-30] They Grow Up So Fast

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