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Track Hidden
Ability stealth
  • Track Hidden
  • Level 26 hunter ability
  • Instant
  • Greatly increases stealth detection and shows hidden units within detection range on the minimap.
Class Hunter
School Physical
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown
Other information
Level learned 26
Related buff
Ability stealth
  • Track Hidden
  • Greatly increases stealth detection.

Track Hidden is a Hunter ability that increases stealth detection and shows hidden units as points on the minimap.


  • This helps when you're facing stealthed units such as Rogues and Druids in Ability druid catform [Cat Form].
  • The stealth detection increase is +30, which is the same as 6 levels. This means a level 64 hunter can detect a level 70 rogue at the same distance as a level 70 that doesn't have stealth detection increasing effects.
  • This is immensely useful in PvP. In a battleground, if you hear that a Rogue is nearby turn on Track Hidden to expose it as quickly as possible.


  • This only increases your stealth detection and places the mobs YOU DETECT on your minimap. If a mob is much higher level than you and stealthed, it is likely you will fail to detect the mob before the mob has a chance to attack you.

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