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Trade Prince Maldy
Image of Trade Prince Maldy
Trade Prince Maldy from the BlizzCon demo, before being replaced by Gallywix
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Former affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Status Deceased[1]
Relative(s) Nessa (daughter)

Trade Prince Maldy was the owner of the Bilgewater Cartel before Jastor Gallywix.[2] He was overthrown by Gallywix twenty years prior to the Cataclysm, after Gallywix bought out Maldy's staff, his bodyguards, and his home, and destroyed his fleet of ships providing weapons for the Alliance. In total control of the Bilgewater Cartel, Gallywix exiled Maldy and his beloved daughter, Nessa, from Kezan. Gallywix later arranged Maldy's (supposedly accidental) death.[1]


  • At BlizzCon 2009, Maldy was the original leader of the Bilgewater Cartel. By the time of the Cataclysm alpha, he had been renamed to Gallywix, who kept the same model.
  • Ability hunter pet dragonhawk [Maldy's Falcon] may have originally been a funny nod to Gallywix "replacing" Maldy, but Maldy was later consolidated as his own character with Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince, which also mentions that Maldy once hid the key to his desk under a falcon statue.
  • Maldy was named as a homage to Dave Maldonado.


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Preceded by:
Rikter Hogsnozzle (latest known)
Trade prince of the Bilgewater Cartel
Succeeded by:
Jastor Gallywix