Trade Quarter

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The Trade Quarter.

The Trade Quarter (or the Heart of the City)[1] is the central area and hub of trade of the Undercity, located just beyond the lifts to the Ruins of Lordaeron. The center of the Quarter houses the bank, and most of the shops of the Undercity lie around the bank on a series of levels. All other parts of the city can be reached through this quarter via winding passages into the Canals. Under one of the bridges to the bank, you will find Jeremiah Payson the Cockroach Vendor.


  • Inn - There are no beds in this inn, only open wooden caskets (with no lining either). Not recommended for the living.
  • A Bank, referred to as the Undercity coffer.[2]
  • A Horde auction house (outer ring)
  • A Bat Handler
  • Cooking trainer
  • Guildmaster