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Goblin Trade Prince art

Cataclysm concept art of a trade prince.

Trade princes, also known as merchant princes[1] and trade lords,[2] are the main leaders of the goblin race.

The title of trade prince is not necessarily equivalent to the leader of a goblin cartel. Although the Venture Company has been called a cartel,[3] its president Razdunk is not a trade prince.

Known trade princes[]

Active trade princes[]

Former trade princes[]

Would-be trade princes[]

  • IconSmall Goblin Male Mogul Razdunk — President and leader of the Venture Company. He doesn't hold the title "Trade Prince" but he is undoubtedly powerful enough and in the position to have it. Furthermore, the other trade princes are keeping an eye on his activities.[7] In his crusade to become a trade prince, Razdunk took over the MOTHERLODE!!, being certain that becoming the world's foremost Azerite baron would bring him fame and fortune beyond his station, and stake his claim to the title of Trade Prince.[8][9] He was ultimately defeated by adventurers before he could become one.

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Trade princes are the five (more or less) rulers of the goblin world, each of whom run their own private army (or armies), hold lands around Azeroth, and collectively control the Trade Coalition.[10]

While goblins answer to no king or other such titular head, a collection of trade princes rules their merchant empire, which is called the Trade Coalition. Officially, five trade princes exist, though there may be one or two more lurking about in the shadows. The goblins certainly don't elect their trade princes, nor are the positions hereditary; the trade princes killed, blackmailed and schemed their way to the top. Together, these five goblins make the mercantile machine run, organizing the extensive and complex Trade Fleets.[11]

One trade prince thought the Horde was destined to win the war, and aligned with them. When the Horde lost, he left and went back to Kezan in dismay. From that point on, the goblins decided to remain completely neutral, if only to better exploit both sides.[12]

A titan-made chalice held by the goblin trade princes in Undermine is one of the items Alexstrasza believes could have rejuvenated the Sunwell.[13]


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Their hands are the moguls. Barons serve as magistrates for their land and holdings. Slavers run the slavery trade. Captains can run a single ship, and some run entire Trade Fleets. Admirals run more than one fleet. Traders and merchants work for the moguls and barons.

At the bottom are civilians and workers, and finally slaves.[10]

RPG notes[]

  • Ratchet is described as a "chaotic urban center of the empire of the Trade Princes".[14]

Notes and trivia[]

  • "Trade barons" also exist, as evidenced by Silversnap. The non-canonical RPG mentions that goblin barons are allegedly there to serve as magistrate over the land and holdings owned by a trade prince.[10] As such, Baron Revilgaz might be the trade baron of Booty Bay.
  • Although there are none in lore, the goblin starting zone reveals women are given the title of "Trade Princess" instead, if done as a female goblin.[15]
  • Nazz Steamboil is the disowned son of a trade prince.[16]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Due to his high standing, Krix Wiklish could have been a trade prince.