Not to be confused with Trader's Hall (Valley of Honor).

The Trader's Hall

Citizens in panic.

The Trader's Hall in the trailer for Hearthstone: United in Stormwind.

The Trader's Hall is the new auction house in the Trade District of Stormwind City, which replaces the old auction house. This particular one is located in the Trade District and replaces the old auction house that existed before the Cataclysm, though the original auctioneers still run the business.

When the Uncrowned and Veiled Hand infiltrated the city, the hall was guarded by Officer Jaxon who directed citizens inside. A Town Crier was standing on the podium, calming the present citizens. It was also converted into an infirmary. The Uncrowned newest Shadow entered the fall and caused a distraction by throwing a smoke bomb, provided by Elling Trias, which allowed Garona to join the Shadow who then stole incriminating documents from guards outside. General Hammond Clay and his guards quickly surrounded the hall but did not find the culprit.[1]


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