Trading Favors: Sanguine Depths

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NeutralTrading Favors: Sanguine Depths
Start Finder Ta'sul
End Finder Ta'sul
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Weekly Dungeon
Category Oribos
Rewards  [Ascended Commendation]
or  [Undying Army Commendation]
or Wild Hunt Commendation#500 reputation
or Court of Harvesters Commendation#500 reputation


Obtain a Medallion of Orientation from General Kaal in the Sanguine Depths.


The generals of Revendreth are outfitted with only the finest arms and armor, procured by Sire Denathrius in his unquenchable appetite for power. In terms of profitable trades and exchanges, he has been a shrewd partner in trade to us.

It would please me greatly to see the return of some relics that were traded in a way that benefited him far more than us. There are few things more insulting to my kind.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc sigil bastion01.png [Ascended Commendation] Inv shoulder mail maldraxxus d 01.png [Undying Army Commendation]
Inv misc questionmark.png Wild Hunt Commendation#500 reputation Inv misc questionmark.png Court of Harvesters Commendation#500 reputation

You will also receive:


What have you brought before me?


Yes, yes this is exactly what I was speaking about. The foolish generals of Revendreth would use this medallion to orient themselves during travel in unknown areas, but their ambitions were small.

For my people, who have traveled beyond the known lands, such a thing is invaluable when attempting to chart a way to return.

We will make great use of this, it is good to see it returned. Here, a prize for you.

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