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For the Garrison building, see Trading Post (Garrison).
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The Trading Post!

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The Trading Post is a feature added in patch 10.0.5 that serves as a monthly login and activity bonus. The T&W Trading Post in Stormwind City and the Zen'shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar stock a variety of items, including mounts, battle pets, and cosmetic equipment. Stock rotates on the 1st of each month, but players can freeze one item at a time, indefinitely preventing it from being rotated out.

Players earn 500 account-wide Trader's Tender each month just for interacting with the Collector's Cache, and can earn up to 500 more for completing challenges in the monthly the Traveler's Log. Additionally, there are two one-time bonuses available: 500 Trader's Tender on the first visit to the Trading Post, and 500 for owning World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

To unlock the Trading Post, complete the B [1-70] Tour the Trading Post quest pushed to players automatically upon logging in on or after 1 February 2023.


Trading Post UI

Shopping interface

For a history of past items in the Trading Post, see Trading Post history.

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T&W Trading Post banner

T&W Trading Post banner



Zen'shiri Trading Post banner

Zen'shiri Trading Post banner


Flynn and Wilder

Flynn and Wilder

Flynn Fairwind
Flynn Fairwind says: Hey, Wilder... I was wondering if you had any pets for adoption? Shaw has been overworked recently, and I wanted to get him something that would help him unwind.
Wilder Seabraid says: Absolutely! We have a few available. Please see if ye think any would fit yer home.
Flynn Fairwind says: Thanks, I'll have a look around.
Wilder Seabraid says: And please pass on my regards to Master Shaw.
Flynn Fairwind says: Oh no, I can't say I was here. He's wanted a pet for ages, although he'll never admit it. I'm going to surprise him!
Wilder Seabraid says: You're going to try to surprise the SI:7 spy master with a purchase ye made in Stormwind? Hah! Good luck!
Flynn Fairwind says: Hey, I've trained with SI:7; I can be sneaky!
Flynn walks five minutes to return to SI:7 headquarters and takes his spot leaning against the wall behind Shaw.
Flynn Fairwind says: I have a surprise for you later.
Flynn Fairwind says: You can't... I was just there! How could you possibly know?
Flynn Fairwind says: Spoilsport!
Tawny and Sully

Tawny and Sully

Sully "The Pickle" McLeary
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Tawny, it's good tae see ye again. I was wondering... do ye have any pets?
Tawny Seabraid says: Good to see ye too Sully. It's been quite some time since ye lost yer friend, are ye sure?
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Aye, it is, feels like it was yesterday, but... Socks would want me to move on.
Tawny Seabraid says: Sounds good. Take yer time, if ye don't find a new friend, we will be here when ye are ready.
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Thank ye. Do yah have anyone tha's loyal, and brave, and wonderful, and soft, and willin' ta be the best friend a dwarf could have?
Sully Sniffles.
Tawny Seabraid says: Oh Sully... Maybe ye should take a little more time?
Sully "The Pickle" McLeary says: Aye, maybe I'm not ready, it needs to be someone truly special to replace Socks.
Sully walks to the Gryphon Roost before disappearing.
Pascal-K1N6 and Tawny

Pascal-K1N6 and Tawny

Pascal-K1N6 says: Greetings. I require a Mechanical Steed.
Tawny Seabraid says: Oh, for Prince Erazmin? Let me have a look.
Pascal-K1N6 says: Incorrect. For my own usage.
Tawny Seabraid says: Oh, I don't think we have anything that will fit ye, sorry.
Pascal-K1N6 says: That is unfortunate. Have you checked in the back?
Tawny Seabraid says: Everything ye see here is what we have.
Pascal-K1N6 says: ... I shall return later.
Pascal-K1N6 walks to the Wizard's Sanctum and disappears after taking the Portal room portal.
Maximillian and Tawny

Maximillian and Tawny

Maximillian of Northshire
Maximillian of Northshire says: Greetings Shop Keeper!
Tawny Seabraid says: Oh, hello, how can I help ye?
Maximillian of Northshire says: I require a sword!
Tawny Seabraid says: Ye already have a sword, it's on yer hip.
Maximillian of Northshire says: Ah! I knew it was somewhere close by! Your assistance has been noted, and the Light will favor you for it!
Tawny Seabraid says: I was just joking, we have swords. What can I get for ye?
Maximillian of Northshire says: No need! Now that I have my sword, I am complete and can continue about my day!
Tawny Seabraid says: What an odd person.
Maximillian walks to the harbor, despawning at the Boralus/Dragon Isles pier.
Joan Cleardawn and Wilder

Joan Cleardawn and Wilder

Marshal Joan Cleardawn
Marshal Joan Cleardawn says: I'm looking for new weaponry for the drustvar[sic] garrison.
Wilder Seabraid says: We got a new shipment in recently. Are ye looking for anything in particular?
Marshal Joan Cleardawn says: Anything good against witches.
Wilder Seabraid says: Oh, right. We might be able to sort something, are ye looking for singular or bulk?
Marshal Joan Cleardawn says: Bulk, thank you.
Wilder Seabraid says: Righto, anything else I can get ye?
Marshal Joan Cleardawn says: No, thank you. Please have them sent to Quartermaster Alcorn.
Joan walks toward the harbor, despawning at the Boralus pier.
Aethas and Zen'kala

Aethas and Zen'kala

Archmage Aethas Sunreaver
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Well met Zen'kala, I am looking to acquire a particularly rare item.
Zen'kala says: That's what we do best, archmage. What can I get ya?
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: It is a one-of-a-kind item that already exists, I just need someone to find it.
Zen'kala says: Goin' to be hard to find it without knowin' what it is.
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: It would be off the coast of Eastern Kalimdor. On the seabed, I believe.
Zen'kala says: Ya beatin' around the bush, what is it?
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: A... kul tiran music box. I understand that the box was not on the flagship when it was raised. The item was precious to the owner.
Zen'kala says: ... Ah. Ya be playin' with fire mon.
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: I know. A peace offering is best when it means something though. We were friends once... I hope we can be again.
Zen'kala says: ... I'll put my best people on it. I hope ya gift is accepted.
Archmage Aethas Sunreaver says: Me too, Zen'kala. Me too.
Aethas teleports away.
Zen'kala says: Ha, show off!
Gob Squad and Zen'kala

Gob Squad and Zen'kala

The members of the Gob Squad approach the post with A.F.M.O.D..
Patch says: Hey Zen'kala, did you get in the parts I asked for?
Zen'kala says: Hey Patch, these parts ya asked for are real hard to find, I could get something cheaper if ya like.
Patch says: Nah, we need these for A.F.M.O.D. Only the best parts for it.
Zen'kala says: Sorry mon, maybe come back after the next shipment?
Patch says: Next shipment you say? Need me to send Newt to the supplier to make sure they are giving you a good deal?
Zen'kala says: Hah! No thanks, I need my suppliers on my good side. I'll make sure ya get those parts.
Newt says: Spoilsport!
The Gob Squad leaves, going through the Drag and Valley of Honor to the pass leading to Azshara.
Jamboya and Shiri

Jamboya and Shiri

First Mate Jamboya
Jamboya is accompanied by Gunner Bosanya, Jukanga the Snitch, and Quartermaster Tulmac.
First Mate Jamboya says: Hey Shiri, we be looking for a large steel box, resistant to sea water.
Shiri says: Jamboya, I don't care how many times ya come here, I'm not goin' to help ya trap ya old captain at the bottom of the ocean. That's a special kind of cruel.
First Mate Jamboya says: Ah no, ya got me all wrong Shiri, this is for something else entirely.
Shiri says: Uh huh, and I be guessing ya want this box to be roughly large enough to fit a troll inside, eh?
First Mate Jamboya says: I mean, that be roughly the size we be after, but it has nothing to do with trapping a troll in it Shiri. We're trying to trap...err...
Gunner Bosanya says: ... an alpaca?
First Mate Jamboya says: What? I mean yes, an alpaca, of course.
Shiri rolls her eyes at Jamboya.
First Mate Jamboya says: Alright, so we just be going now, will give Norah ya best.
Shiri says: Ya be doin' that.
They slowly walk to the Pathfinder's Den and take the Portal to Zuldazar.
Mankrik and Shiri

Mankrik and Shiri

Mankrik says: Shiri.
Shiri says: Mankrik, how can I help ya?
Mankrik says: Looking for a new sword.
Shiri says: Sure thing, anything else?
Mankrik mumbles something.
Shiri says: What was dat mon?
Mankrik says: ... I said, can I also get a bracelet, a nice one.
Shiri says: We only sell nice ones. Who's it for?
Mankrik says: ... Mahka.
Shiri says: Good for ya, it's about time.
Mankrik grunts.
Mankrik rides his wolf through the Valley of Spirits to the gate and despawns.
Gamon and Shiri

Gamon and Shiri

Gamon says: I need a new axe.
Shiri says: And a good day to ya too Gamon.
Gamon says: My current one, it has cleaved one too many skulls.
Shiri says: Right... ok, what sort of axe be ya looking for?
Gamon says: One with which I can lay waste to my enemies and defend Orgrimmar.
Shiri says: ... So, a two-handed axe then?
Gamon says: Acceptable. I must be able to protect this city. I, Gamon, will...
Shiri says: Save us, yes. Well, I hope the day we need saving never comes if it's all the same to ya.
Gamon says: I on the other hand will be watching, waiting.
Shiri says: Ok, say hi to Meena for me.
Gamon says: Farewell.
Gamon walks back to Meena in the Broken Tusk.



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