Trading Post

Trading Post
Plot Size Medium
Initial Build Cost 300 Gold.png
Level 2 Upgrade Cost 500 Gold.png
Level 3 Upgrade Cost 1,000 Gold.png
Benefit(s) Trade goods, Reputation buff & Auction House
Trading Post Horde3.jpg
Level 3 Horde Trading Post

The Trading Post is a medium garrison building that allows the player to trade in Inv garrison resource.png [Garrison Resources] for various trade goods, begin work orders to exhchange trade goods for Garrison Resources, and access to an auctioneer after completing a quest. It also increases reputation gains and unlocks access to Sha'tari Defense or Laughing Skull Orcs factions.


The Trading Post is the Garrison's center of commerce with the natives of Draenor.

Building benefits

Level 1
A merchant shows up each day selling trade goods. Also allows the trade of crafting reagents for garrison resources.
Level 2
Grants access to the Sha'tari Defense or Laughing Skull factions. Also unlocks the ability to acquire parts from around Draenor to build an auctioneer.
Level 3
Increases reputation gain in Draenor by 20%.


Level 1
Unlocked after your garrison has reached tier 2.
Level 2
Unlocked after you have reached level 98 or completed the Spires of Arak zone.
Level 3
Unlocked by completing the Achievement reputation 03.png  [Savage Friends] achievement.



Neutral 15.png

Alliance 15.png

Horde 15.png




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