Training points, or "TP's", were points earned by Hunter pets and spent on training pet abilities. Pets earned points by leveling and growing more loyal to their hunter master.

Training points were used to "spec" the pet in various ways, including passive modifications such as [Cobra Reflexes], Avoidance, increased Armor, Health and Resistances, as well as active abilities, such as [Growl], [Cower], and other various beast abilities.

Hunter pets could be untrained of all their skills from any beast trainer in the major cities. Similar to talents, untraining a specific pet scaled up as you do it more times: 10 silver, 50 silver, 1 gold, 2 gold, 3 gold, etc., eventually stopping at 10 gold.

Additional Notes

  • A level 70 pet with max Loyalty (Rank 6 - Best Friend) would have 350 training points to spend. (level)*(loyalty-1)
  • Maximum available training points were not affected by the level at which the pet was tamed.
  • Growl cost no training points at any rank, and could even be trained with negative TP.
  • TP spent on purchased ranks of an ability counted toward the total TP cost of following ranks.
  • TP could be reset by Pet Trainers, who were normally found in major cities near Hunter Trainers.

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