NeutralTraitor Gluk
Image of Traitor Gluk
Title <Master Pet Tamer>
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 15-30
Location Dire Maul, Feralas [59.9, 49.6]
Status Alive

Traitor Gluk is a master Pet Tamer located in front of Dire Maul in Feralas. He is in a small camp with his level 13 battle pets: Rasp (Beast), Prancer (Critter), and Glimmer (Dragonkin). He sometimes kicks Rasp while trying to train the snake. Prancer is kept in a cage behind him. Glimmer is behind the tree at the back of the camp.

Defeating him is required to complete the Horde  [Taming Kalimdor] and  [Taming Azeroth] achievements.


Dragonkin Glimmer
[Life Exchange]
Critter Prancer
Beast Rasp
[Vicious Fang]



No! Smash! I said smash!

Traitor Gluk says: Stupid snake. I said shoot fire!
Traitor Gluk says: Me angry now!
Traitor Gluk says: Me become powerful tamer, then me become da Gordok King!
Traitor Gluk says: Me crush you like bug!
Traitor Gluk says: NO! ME WIN!
Traitor Gluk says: No! No kill! Fight this one instead!
Traitor Gluk says: Nobody messes with Gluk!
Traitor Gluk says: Rasp, shoot fire!
Traitor Gluk says: Stupid tiny thing kill my tiny thing. RAAAAAAAAR!
Traitor Gluk says: Surprise!
Traitor Gluk says: We fight!
Traitor Gluk says: Why you no fight? I said fight!
Traitor Gluk says: Wow! You amazing!
Traitor Gluk says: You no ogre! How you win?


Given his name, he was likely part of the Gordunni tribe, but no longer.

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