• Transmutation Master
  • Requires Alchemy (475)
  • Reagents:
  • Allows an Alchemist to sometimes get greater results when transmuting materials.

Transmutation Master is a specialization of Alchemy. It allows an alchemist to sometimes create an additional item when transmuting materials.

Obtaining the Transmutation Master specialization

This specialization is directly obtained by completing the quest N Alchemy [70] Master of Transmutation from Zarevhi at the The Stormspire. You must be at least level 68 to be offered this quest.

An alchemist who has specialized in one of the other two specializations can switch to this mastery at any time. See Changing Specializations for more information.


A transmutation created 5 items at once

Studying the benefit over time is difficult, given the cooldown on most transmutations. However, it appears to be about a 20% increase in the total number of items created.

It has been reported to proc even on "Grey recipes", indicating that the difficulty level, and perhaps the item level, of the recipe has no influence on whether or not it occurs. This is significant for Transmute Mastery particularly in that those transmutes which no longer have a cooldown associated with them can still gain benefit from this ability.

It is possible to obtain more than one extra item from any given transmutation with this specialty. One user reports once receiving five epic gems from a single transmutation.

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