Transportation encompasses the various means on travelling around in World of Warcraft. For directions on how to get to top destinations in World of Warcraft, see Travel Guide.



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Running is the main method of exploring the world. Flight paths require you to run to their Flight Masters around the world to unlock them. Teleports, Portals, Boats, Zeppelins, and the Deeprun Tram only have set destinations. Mounts are a form of running.

Several classes gain a power to increase their run speed.

  • Hunters have [Aspect of the Cheetah] (lvl 16) and [Aspect of the Pack] (lvl 40).
  • Druids have a [Travel Form] trainable at level 16. Also, talent points can be invested to increase running speed in cat form by 15% per each of two points for this talent in the Feral tree. This 15% bonus to cat form movement speed, as well as a set bonus from the pvp rare set, can make travel in cat form faster than in travel form itself.
  • Shamans have a Ghost Wolf Form trainable at level 16.
  • Mages do not have a constant speed boosting skill, however at level 20 they may periodically use " [Blink]" in order to shorten their travel time.
  • Rogues have an ability called [Sprint], which increases running speed by 50-70% depending on level, and does stack with the Minor Speed Increase enchant. This ability can be used while stealthed and doesn't break stealth. This ability also makes the rogue a successful flag carrier in Warsong Gulch. However, this effect only lasts 15 seconds and is limited by a 5 minute cooldown. This ability is therefore best left for a quick getaway, to sneak up quickly while stealthed, or to catch a zeppelin/boat before it leaves.
  • Paladins have the [Pursuit of Justice] talent, increasing their normal and mounted movement speed by 5% per talent point invested (up to 15%). Unfortunately, this does not stack with mithril spurs, carrot on a stick, or the riding speed enchant.
  • Warriors can charge at an enemy, then [Hamstring], and run away.


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Swimming is by far the slowest way of getting anywhere since it subtracts your speed by 50% and speed buffs do not work while swimming save for one alchemy potion. It can also be dangerous, as you have a breath meter while underwater, and if you go deep enough (meaning far enough away from land), a fatigue meter. When a breath or fatigue meter reaches 0, the player takes damage every few seconds, until they surface or leave the high pressure area.

Druids have an [Aquatic Form] that protects them from drowning, and increases their swimming speed by 50%, raising their swim speed to be level with normal run speed. In addition, warlock and shaman spells and Elixirs of (Greater) Water Breathing allow you to breathe underwater, and shamans and priests may also cast a spell to allows them to walk on water. Rogues can now use a minor Rogue Glyphs:  [Glyph of Blurred Speed] that allows them to walk on water during [Sprint]. Forsaken have a racial ability which helps them last longer underwater, increasing their breath by 300%. In addition, engineers at level 230 can create Deepdive Helmets to breath permanently underwater.

There is also a trinket called  [Hook of the Master Angler], one of the prizes for being the winner in the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. It turns the user into a fish, increasing their swim speed by 100% as well as allowing underwater breath, though the effect cancels upon strike, which in a sense makes druid aquatic form more desirable in some scenarios.

Warlocks can now use a minor Warlock Glyphs:  [Glyph of Unending Breath] that increases the swim speed of targets affected by the spell by 20%.


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Upon dying, your character will be teleported to the nearest graveyard. You can either run back to your body and choose a place to resurrect nearby or just ask the Spirit Healer to resurrect you at the graveyard.


  • Can be used once every thirty minutes to transport the player to their home location.

The Dark Portal

Class Abilities

Engineering Transporters

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Dark Iron Mole Machine

Dark Iron dwarf [Mole Machine] summons a Dark Iron Mole Machine allowing transportation to certain areas. More can unlocked by finding them in the world.

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