NeutralTrap Setting

Shado-Pan Spike Trap
Start Mao the Lookout [79.4, 84.4]
End Mao the Lookout [79.4, 84.4]
Level 25-35
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +75 Shado-Pan
Rewards 11g
Previous N [25-35] Unwelcome Intruders


Rearm 8 Shado-Pan Spike Traps.

  • Rearm Shado-Pan Spike Traps x8


Good to meet you, <class>. We have traps all along the pass to help us catch mantid that might be sneaking through, but their numbers have been so great that most of the traps have already been triggered.

Taoshi said you might be able to reset some of them while you're out there. Can you help?


You will receive: 11g


These traps have been very effective, the mantid numbers are just getting out of hand in these past weeks.


We could use a few more capable <men/women> like you around the camp. Thank you for your help, <class>.



Pick up N [25-35] Breach in the Defenses and N [25-35] The Restless Watch before heading out.

Toss flares to see the stealthed Krik'thik Scentlayers, who will not aggro unless they take damage. Keep an eye out for spike traps on the ground and reactivate them. Feel free to kite scentlayers onto activated traps for a nice surprise!

Scout Wei-Chin can be found right next to the wall in the northeast part of the pass, just north of east of the questgivers. Maybe a hundred yards to the southwest in the blue grass on a small rise is Scout Long. Head southeast to the wall corner to find Scout Ying near a small monument. Finally, head west to find Scout Jai-gan, overlooking the sha-corrupted path into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Head back to the entrance of the Gao-Ran Battlefront to turn in.


Optional breadcrumb: N [25-35] Gao-Ran Battlefront

  1. N [25-35] Behind the Battlefront
  2. N [25-35] Treatment for the Troops
  3. N [25-35] Unwelcome Intruders
  4. N [25-35] Breach in the Defenses & N [25-35] The Restless Watch
  5. N [25-35] Returning from the Pass
  6. N [25-35] The Endless Swarm & N [25-35] Back on Their Feet & N [25-35] Rummaging Through the Remains
  7. N [25-35] Improvised Ammunition
  8. N [25-35] Cutting the Swarm
  9. N [25-35] Terror of the Dread Wastes

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