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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Pressure plates, razor traps and needles in locks are all rapid routes to a quick demise or at least substantial personal injury. When stealth isn't an issue and time is abundant, the trap thumper is the best way to check a hallway, door or lock to trigger any countermeasures left for the unwary.

The trap thumper resembles a spring-loaded, 3-foot-tall, heavy leather bag with two short feet. The device also has an armature probe for checking locks. Winding the trap thumper sets it into one of three modes.

Thumping: When set in this mode, the clumsy leather creation hops up and down, traveling forward at a speed of 10 feet to a preset distance (up to 100 feet, decided on by the activator). This pattern sets off any pressure plates, triggers or pit traps that may be in the tumper's path.

Probing: In this mode, the device extends the armature and pokes the end of it into a lock or hole to see if there are any traps within. A leather pad indicates pinbricks or bites, and a small, soft, felt tip on the end of the probe becomes damp when exposed to poison. The "finger" of the trap thumber will probe up to 10 times before requiring a replacement pad.

Baiting: This is the most innovative mode. The thumper crawls forwards at a speed 30 feet to a preset distance (up to 100 feet, decided on by the activator). Once at its destination, the leather-clad trap thumper moves back toward its point of origin while making noise to draw attention to its motion.[1]


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