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Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival lasts from February 5th to February 23th, approximately.

Very simple quests associated with the Lunar Festival provide some unique travel opportunities for the duration of the festival. An invitation to the festival (found in all but the Draenei and Blood Elf capital cities) allows the bearer to teleport to Moonglade. The hill on which you arrive contains one circle of moonlight for each non-Burning Crusade capital city. Using the invitation within one these circles teleports you back to one of these cities (they are marked off by the races dancing around the circle). So if, for example, you teleported into Moonglade from Stormwind, once the invitation's 10 minute cooldown elapsed, you can then teleport to, say, Darnassus.

This opens some opportunities for reaching places that would otherwise be hard to get to, particularly for low level characters. The arduous journey from Ironforge to the Wetlands, for example, becomes trivial. Simply use the invitation to teleport from Ironforge or Stormwind to Moonglade, then teleport from there to Darnassus. Hop the ship from there or take the free hippogryph to Darkshore. Take the boat from there to the Wetlands. Similarly, low level elves can use the invitation to reach the other Alliance (excluding the Exodar, which would be a moot point for night elves anyway) capitals easily.

Furthermore, the Lunar Festival offers the opportunity for low-to-mid-level non-druid characters to acquire the Alliance or Horde non-druid flight path in Moonglade without having to die repeatedly in Timbermaw Hold. This will prove very handy at higher levels, as some bind-on-pickup recipes and plans are sold only by vendors in Moonglade.

However, the Lunar Festival lasts only a month and takes place only once a year. Once the festival is over, it will not be active again for 11 months. Check the calendar on the World of Warcraft website for details of the dates.