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Race Treant
Faction Night Elf Sentinels
Hit points 300
Hit point regeneration Night
Hit point regeneration rate 0.50 HP/sec.
Life span 60 sec.
Level 2
Produced at Keeper of the Grove
Gold Bounty Awarded 2-4 BTNPillage.png
Weapon(s) Treant Claws
Normal attack 15-17 (16 avg)
Can attack Ground, Structure, Debris, Item, Ward
Range Melee (10)
Attack type Normal
Cooldown 1.75 sec.
Weapon type Normal
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 0
Day Sight 120
Night Sight 80
Movement Speed 220
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.


Summoned by the Keeper of the Grove, Treants don't offer anything special other than the ability to Creep the map in the early stages of the game. One tree generates a single Treant, and is capped by the spell's level. Higher levels of his Force of Nature spell results in more Treants summoned as long as there are enough trees to support them.


Nature's Blessing
Upgrades all Ancients' and Treants' movement speed and armor.
Research Cost Researched At Requirements Upgrade Time Effect
150 Gold 200 Lumber Tree of Life/Tree of Ages/Tree of Eternity Tree of Ages/Tree of Eternity 60 sec. Armor: 5
Movement Speed: 270
Gives Night Elves the ability to see as far at night as they do during the day.
Research Cost Researched At Upgrade Time Effect
50 Gold 50 Lumber Hunter's Hall 45 sec. Night Sight: 120

Patch changes

  • WC3tFT-logo.png Patch 1.14 (2004-01-07): Summoned Treants no longer give large gold bounties.
Reduced to 2-4 from 26-38.

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