The lost treasures hidden throughout Pandaria are items of great value, found in containers and NPCs throughout Pandaria (usually of the same name). Obtaining them is the objective of a series of achievements. There are 28 known containers/NPCs that contain lost treasures, although some of these will provide one of a number of possible items. Almost all lost treasures are rare gear items, while a few are other useful items such as recipes.

The treasures of Pandaria are very similar, but count toward a separate set of achievements. Rather than providing a powerful item, many treasures grant poor quality items (most with sell prices of around 100g), while others simply grant gold upon interacting with them. Interacting with these treasures also grants a substantial amount of experience, which can be increased by the rested bonus and Guild Battle Standards. While some of these treasures have entertaining flavor text, none serve any purpose.

There are also a number of others items found throughout Pandaria that function very similarly to treasures, but which do not count toward either set of achievements.

Each container (be it for a lost treasure, treasure or similar item) can be looted/interacted with only once per character. The containers themselves are not character-specific and will periodically respawn, but characters who have already gained credit for them will not be able to see them. All lost treasure and treasure items are either bind on pickup or bind to account.


Although it is possible to find the same treasures on multiple characters, these achievements require the stated number of different treasures to have been found. Finding the same treasure multiple times will not therefore help to earn these achievements.

Lost treasures



Listed below are all of the treasures and lost treasures found throughout Pandaria. Those listed under 'other items' are treasure-like items that count toward neither set of achievements.

Coordinates marked with an asterisk (*) are approximate -- there are several spawn locations for the respective object. More details can be found on that object's article.

Type Zone Item/object Coords
Lost treasure Dread Wastes  [Blade of the Poisoned Mind] [28.8, 41.9]
 [Blade of the Prime] [28.8, 41.9]
 [Bloodsoaked Chitin Fragment] [25.9, 50.3]
 [Dissector's Staff of Mutation] [30.2, 90.8]
 [Lucid Amulet of the Agile Mind] [33.0, 30.1]
 [Malik's Stalwart Spear] [48.7, 30.0]
 [Manipulator's Talisman] [42, 63]*
 [Swarming Cleaver of Ka'roz] [56.8, 77.6]
 [Swarmkeeper's Medallion] [54.2, 56.4]
 [Wind-Reaver's Dagger of Quick Strikes] [71.8, 36.1]
Krasarang Wilds  [Recipe: Banana Infused Rum] [52.3, 88.7]
 [Pandaren Fishing Spear] [50.8, 49.3]
Jade Forest  [Ancient Jinyu Staff] [47.1, 67.4]*
 [Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick] [46.1, 29.1]*
 [Hammer of Ten Thunders] [43.0, 11.6]*
 [Jade Infused Blade] [39.3, 46.6]
 [Wodin's Mantid Shanker] [39.4, 7.3]
Kun-Lai Summit  [Hozen Warrior Spear] [51.5, 74.0]
 [Kafa Press] [35.2, 76.4]
Sprite's Cloth Chest [74.7, 74.9]
 [Sturdy Yaungol Spear] [71.1, 62.6]
 [Tablet of Ren Yun] [44.7, 52.4]
Townlong Steppes  [Yaungol Fire Carrier] [66.3, 44.7]*
Valley of the Four Winds  [Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm] [46.8, 24.6]
 [Ancient Pandaren Woodcutter] [45.4, 38.2]
 [Staff of the Hidden Master] [15.4, 29.1]*
Cache of Pilfered Goods [43.5, 37.4]
Treasure Krasarang Wilds  [Saurok Stone Tablet] [68.6, 7.6]
Jade Forest  [Ancient Pandaren Tea Pot] [26.2, 32.3]
 [Lucky Pandaren Coin] [31.9, 27.8]
 [Pandaren Ritual Stone] [23, 35]
Ship's Locker [51, 100]
Kun-Lai Summit  [Ancient Mogu Tablet] [64.2, 45.1]
Hozen Treasure Cache [56.0, 49.5]
Lost Adventurer's Belongings [36.7, 79.8]
 [Rikktik's Tick Remover] [52.6, 51.5]
 [Statue of Xuen] [72.0, 33.9]
Stolen Sprite Treasure [56.0, 49.5]
 [Terracotta Head] [59, 74]
Townlong Steppes Abandoned Crate of Goods [62.8, 34.1]
 [Amber Encased Moth] [65.8, 86.1]
 [Fragment of Dread] [35.8, 63.3]
 [Hardened Sap of Kri'vess] [57, 58]
Valley of the Four Winds Virmen Treasure Cache [23, 28]
Veiled Stair  [The Hammer of Folly] [75, 76]
Other Jade Forest Offering of Rememberance [46.3, 80.5]
Stash of Gems [62.5, 27.5]
Krasarang Wilds  [Stack of Papers] [52, 73]
Kun-Lai Summit Mo-Mo's Treasure Chest [47, 73]
Valley of the Four Winds  [Boat-Building Instructions] [92, 39]
Veiled Stair Forgotten Lockbox [54.6, 72.6]


While most of the treasures correspond in some degree to the past inhabitants of the zone in which they are found, each of the lost treasures found in the Dread Wastes appears to belong to one of the ten awaken-able Klaxxi paragons.

Patch changes

  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.1.0 (2012-11-27): The "Treasures of Pandaria" now count towards their own series of achievements.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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