Treasures of Stormsong Valley is an exploration achievement earned for finding and looting all the hidden treasure throughout Stormsong Valley.


Name Coordinates Notes
Weathered Treasure Chest [66.92, 12.03] Underground cave hidden in trees
Frosty Treasure Chest [48.96, 84.07] Top level of mountain waterfalls
Hidden Scholar's Chest [59.91, 39.0] On the roof, Sagehold
Discarded Lunchbox [58.21, 63.68] On the highest shelf in the shed, Brennadam Square
Venture Co. Supply Chest [36.69, 23.23] Use ladder to get on the ship, the Jeweled Coast
Old Ironbound Chest [42.85, 47.23] Inside the cave with bears, Shepherd's Bluff
Sunken Strongbox [67.22, 43.21] Under the ship, Port Fogtide
Smuggler's Stash [58.60, 83.88] Under the wooden platform, Highland Pass
Carved Wooden Chest [44.44, 73.53] On the Thornheart platform, Thornheart
Forgotten Chest [46.00, 30.69] Behind the pillar, Mountain near Warfang Hold

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