Trial of Valor
Trial of Valor loading screen.jpg
Location Stormheim, Broken Isles
End boss Boss  Helya
Instance info
Type Raid
Advised level 110
Player limit 10-30




Trial of Valor is a raid instance located in Stormheim, added in patch 7.1.0.[1] The portal replaces the portal to Skyhold in the Gates of Valor.

Adventure Guide

Since Loken's betrayal, Odyn has been trapped within the Halls of Valor as Helya plots in the shadows to claim the souls of his valarjar champions. In recent days, however, great heroes have arrived in the lands of Stormheim in the Legion's wake. Hoping that their might and determination could tip the scales and end Helya's reign, Odyn summons these champions for a final test.


Trial of Valor

Face the final test of the titan keeper Odyn, then descent[sic] into the depths of Helheim to defeat Helya once and for all!

Maps and subregions



  • Halls of Valor - Complete Odyn's trial and be chosen as the champions to end Helya's reign.
  • Haustvald - Clear the way of Helya's forces and storm through the portal to Helheim!
  • Helheim - The savage beast Guarm guards the passage to the throne. Kill it and Helya shall face judgment.

Getting there

Fly to Valdisdall in Stormheim, and take the south-east road to the Gates of Valor, and enter the Halls. The raid instance is on the right as you enter.



Boss Item Type
Odyn  [Favor of the Prime Designate] (H · M) Holy Artifact Relic
 [Ravens' Sight] (H · M) Arcane Artifact Relic
 [Unforged Titansteel] (H · M) Iron Artifact Relic
 [Mantle of the Victorious Dead] (H · M) Cloak
 [Gleaming Val'kyr Cuirass] (H · M) Plate chest
 [Robes of Celestial Adornment] (H · M) Cloth chest
 [Sky-Valiant's Wristguards] (H · M) Leather bracers
 [Gloves of Issued Challenge] (H · M) Leather gloves
 [Cinch of Light] (H · M) Cloth belt
 [Goldrune Legplates] (H · M) Plate leggings
 [Leggings of the Undaunted] (H · M) Mail leggings
 [Radiant Soul Sabatons] (H · M) Mail boots
 [Ring of Ascended Glory] (H · M) Ring
 [Chains of the Valorous] (H · M) Strength trinket
Guarm  [Accursed Cuspid] (H · M) Shadow Artifact Relic
 [Chilled Incisor] (H · M) Frost Artifact Relic
 [Sizzling Fang] (H · M) Fire Artifact Relic
 [Windwhipped Sailcloth] (H · M) Cloak
 [Helbeast Skin Tunic] (H · M) Leather chest
 [Bite-Resistant Wristclamps] (H · M) Mail bracers
 [Helhound Hair Bracers] (H · M) Cloth bracers
 [Kvaldir Exult's Grips] (H · M) Mail gloves
 [Reinforced Hound-Handler's Gauntlets] (H · M) Plate gloves
 [Leggings of the Lower Planes] (H · M) Cloth leggings
 [Lead-Soled Seabed Striders] (H · M) Plate boots
 [Moccasins of Silent Passage] (H · M) Leather boots
 [Eye of Guarm] (H · M) Agility trinket
Helya  [Fury of the Sea] (H · M) Storm Artifact Relic
 [Phylactery of Unwilling Servitude] (H · M) Blood Artifact Relic
 [Swell of the Tides] (H · M) Life Artifact Relic
 [Token of the Lightning Keeper] (H · M) Fel Artifact Relic
 [Sea Fan Pendant] (H · M) Necklace
 [Drape of the Unworthy] (H · M) Cloak
 [Corroded Val'kyr Chainmail] (H · M) Mail chest
 [Calcareous Wristclamps] (H · M) Plate bracers
 [Oiled Rigger's Handwraps] (H · M) Cloth gloves
 [Anchor Chain Waistguard] (H · M) Mail belt
 [Krakenbone Waistplate] (H · M) Plate belt
 [Strand of Whelk Shells] (H · M) Leather belt
 [Sucker-Scarred Leggings] (H · M) Leather leggings
 [Treads of the Drowned] (H · M) Cloth boots
 [Brinewater Slime in a Bottle] (H · M) Intellect trinket

Patch changes

  • Legion Hotfix (2016-11-16): There is now a portal to return to the start of the instance in Haustvald, and Odyn will teleport players out of the instance after Helya is defeated.
  • Legion Patch 7.1.0 (2016-10-25): Added.


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