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Trial of the Crusader
Crusader, CC10/25, ToC10/25
Trial of the Crusader loading screen.jpg
Location Crusaders' Coliseum, Icecrown
End boss IconSmall Anub'arak.gif Anub'arak
Instance info
Type Raid
Advised level 80
Player limit 10/25
Crusaders' Coliseum
Trial of the Champion (5)
Alliance Alliance
Deathstalker Visceri
Eressea Dawnsinger
Mokra the Skullcrusher
Runok Wildmane

Horde Horde
Ambrose Boltspark
Jacob Alerius
Jaelyne Evensong
Lana Stouthammer
Neutral Neutral
Argent Confessor Paletress
Eadric the Pure
The Black Knight

Trial of the Crusader & Trial of the Grand Crusader (10/25)
Beasts of Northrend
Lord Jaraxxus
Faction Champions
Twin Val'kyr

Trial of the Crusader is an epic 10- and 25-player raid dungeon in the Crusaders' Coliseum with five encounters.


There are a number of boss encounters in the Trial of the Crusader:

The Trial of the Crusader bosses


10 player

Boss Alliance Alliance Type Horde Horde
Beasts of Northrend  [Icehowl Cinch] (H) DPS cloth belt  [Icehowl Binding] (H)
 [Acidmaw Boots] (H) Agility leather boots  [Acidmaw Treads] (H)
 [Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds] (H) Caster leather shoulders  [Pauldrons of the Glacial Wilds] (H)
 [Armbands of the Northern Stalker] (H) Agility mail bracers  [Bracers of the Northern Stalker] (H)
 [Shoulderguards of the Spirit Walker] (H) Caster mail shoulders  [Pauldrons of the Spirit Walker] (H)
 [Gauntlets of Rising Anger] (H) DPS plate gloves  [Gauntlets of Mounting Anger] (H)
 [Girdle of the Impaler] (H) DPS plate belt  [Belt of the Impaler] (H)
 [Belt of the Frozen Reach] (H) Caster plate belt  [Girdle of the Frozen Reach] (H)
 [Dreadscale Armguards] (H) Tank plate bracers  [Dreadscale Bracers] (H)
 [Rod of Imprisoned Souls] (H) Caster wand  [Scepter of Imprisoned Souls] (H)
 [Carnivorous Band] (H) Strength DPS ring  [Gormok's Band] (H)
 [Collar of Ceaseless Torment] (H) Agility necklace  [Collar of Unending Torment] (H)
Lord Jaraxxus  [Dirk of the Night Watch] (H) Agility dagger  [Orcish Deathblade] (H)
 [Felspark Bindings] (H) DPS cloth bracers  [Felspark Bracers] (H)
 [Leggings of the Demonic Messenger] (H) Spirit cloth leggings  [Legwraps of the Demonic Messenger] (H)
 [Belt of the Winter Solstice] (H) Spirit leather belt  [Belt of the Bloodhoof Emissary] (H)
 [Sentinel Scouting Greaves] (H) Agility mail boots  [Warsong Poacher's Greaves] (H)
 [Boots of Tortured Space] (H) Spirit mail boots  [Sabatons of Tortured Space] (H)
 [Girdle of the Farseer] (H) Spirit mail belt  [Darkspear Ritual Binding] (H)
 [Armguards of the Nether Lord] (H) DPS plate bracers  [Armplates of the Nether Lord] (H)
 [Girdle of the Nether Champion] (H) Tank plate belt  [Belt of the Nether Champion] (H)
 [Planestalker Signet] (H) Agility ring  [Planestalker Band] (H)
 [Firestorm Ring] (H) Caster DPS ring  [Firestorm Band] (H)
 [Amulet of Binding Elements] (H) Spirit necklace  [Pendant of Binding Elements] (H)
 [Endurance of the Infernal] (H) Tank necklace  [Fortitude of the Infernal] (H)
Faction Champions  [Blade of the Silver Disciple] (H) Caster dagger  [Sunreaver Disciple's Blade] (H)
 [Sandals of the Silver Magus] (H) DPS cloth boots  [Sunreaver Magus' Sandals] (H)
 [Gloves of the Silver Assassin] (H) Agility leather gloves  [Sunreaver Assassin's Gloves] (H)
 [Helm of the Silver Ranger] (H) Agility mail helm  [Sunreaver Ranger's Helm] (H)
 [Faceplate of the Silver Champion] (H) DPS plate helm  [Sunreaver Champion's Faceplate] (H)
 [Pauldrons of the Silver Defender] (H) Tank plate shoulders  [Sunreaver Defender's Pauldrons] (H)
 [Binding Light] (H) Healer necklace  [Binding Stone] (H)
 [Victor's Call] (H) Melee trinket  [Vengeance of the Forsaken] (H)
 [Talisman of Volatile Power] (H) Caster DPS trinket  [Fetish of Volatile Power] (H)
 [Fervor of the Frostborn] (H) Tank trinket  [Eitrigg's Oath] (H)
Twin Val'kyr  [Icefall Blade] (H) Agility dagger  [Nemesis Blade] (H)
 [Reckoning] (H) Agility two-hand sword  [Edge of Agony] (H)
 [The Diplomat] (H) Gun  [Widebarrel Flintlock] (H)
 [Enlightenment] (H) Caster staff  [Illumination] (H)
 [Gloves of Looming Shadow] (H) DPS cloth gloves  [Looming Shadow Wraps] (H)
 [Boots of the Grieving Soul] (H) Spirit cloth boots  [Sandals of the Grieving Soul] (H)
 [Armor of Shifting Shadows] (H) Agility leather chest  [Vest of Shifting Shadows] (H)
 [Helm of the Snowy Grotto] (H) Spirit leather helm  [Helm of the High Mesa] (H)
 [Gloves of the Azure Prophet] (H) Spirit mail gloves  [Sen'jin Ritualist Gloves] (H)
 [Sabatons of the Lingering Vortex] (H) Tank plate boots  [Greaves of the Lingering Vortex] (H)
 [Loop of the Twin Val'kyr] (H) Tank ring  [Band of the Twin Val'kyr] (H)
 [Darkbane Pendant] (H) Caster DPS necklace  [Darkbane Amulet] (H)
 [Chalice of Benedictus] (H) Caster DPS off-hand  [Lightbane Focus] (H)
Anub'arak  [The Lion's Maw] (H) Agility one-hand axe  [Frostblade Hatchet] (H)
 [Baelgun's Heavy Crossbow] (H) Crossbow  [Darkmaw Crossbow] (H)
 [The Grinder] (H) Agility one-hand mace  [Blackhorn Bludgeon] (H)
 [Argent Resolve] (H) Spirit one-hand mace  [Mace of the Earthborn Chieftain] (H)
 [Fordragon Blades] (H) Agility polearm  [Anguish] (H)
 [Cold Convergence] (H) Caster staff  [Perdition] (H)
 [Westfall Saber] (H) Agility one-hand sword  [Forsaken Bonecarver] (H)
 [Crusader's Glory] (H) Tank one-hand sword  [Ardent Guard] (H)
 [Vigilant Ward] (H) Spirit shield  [Pride of the Kor'kron] (H)
 [Bulwark of the Royal Guard] (H) Tank shield  [Aegis of the Coliseum] (H)
 [Vestments of the Sleepless] (H) DPS cloth chest  [Robes of the Sleepless] (H)
 [Cinch of the Undying] (H) Spirit cloth belt  [Belt of the Eternal] (H)
 [Spaulders of the Snow Bandit] (H) Agility leather shoulders  [Shoulderpads of the Snow Bandit] (H)
 [Pauldrons of the Timeless Hunter] (H) Agility mail shoulders  [Pauldrons of the Shadow Hunter] (H)
 [Helmet of the Crypt Lord] (H) Caster mail helm  [Helm of the Crypt Lord] (H)
 [Legplates of the Silver Hand] (H) DPS plate leggings  [Legplates of Redeemed Blood] (Heroic)
 [Legplates of the Immortal Spider] (H) Spirit plate leggings  [Sunwalker Legguards] (H)
 [Chestguard of the Warden] (H) Tank plate chest  [Stoneskin Chestplate] (H)

25 player

Boss Alliance Alliance Type Horde Horde
Beasts of Northrend  [Steel Bladebreaker] (H) Agility dagger  [Stygian Bladebreaker] (H)
 [Blade of Tarasque] (H) Caster DPS dagger  [Barb of Tarasque] (H)
 [Crystal Plated Vanguard] (H) Tank shield  [Forlorn Barrier] (H)
 [Flowing Vestments of Ascent] (H) Spirit cloth chest  [Flowing Robes of Ascent] (H)
 [Cord of the Tenebrous Mist] (H) Spirit cloth belt  [Belt of the Tenebrous Mist] (H)
 [Leggings of the Broken Beast] (H) Leather leggings  [Legwraps of the Broken Beast] (H)
 [Boots of the Unrelenting Storm] (H) Spirit leather boots  [Boots of the Harsh Winter] (H)
 [Breastplate of Cruel Intent] (H) Agility mail chest  [Cuirass of Cruel Intent] (H)
 [Belt of the Ice Burrower] (H) Spirit mail belt  [Binding of the Ice Burrower] (H)
 [Boneshatter Armplates] (H) DPS plate bracers  [Boneshatter Vambraces] (H)
 [Boots of the Courageous] (H) Caster plate boots  [Sabatons of the Courageous] (H)
 [Chestplate of the Towering Monstrosity] (H) Tank plate chest  [Hauberk of the Towering Monstrosity] (H)
 [Drape of the Untamed Predator] (H) Agility cloak  [Cloak of the Untamed Predator] (H)
 [Shawl of the Refreshing Winds] (H) Spirit cloak  [Drape of the Refreshing Winds] (H)
 [Band of the Violent Temperment] (H) Strength DPS ring  [Ring of the Violent Temperament] (H)
 [Trophy of the Crusade] Armor token  [Trophy of the Crusade]
 [Crusader Orb] Trade goods  [Crusader Orb]
Lord Jaraxxus  [Lionhead Slasher] (H) Agility one-hand axe  [Blood Fury] (H)
 [Talonstrike] (H) Crossbow  [Death's Head Crossbow] (H)
 [Leggings of the Soothing Touch] (H) Spirit cloth leggings  [Pants of the Soothing Touch] (H)
 [Cuirass of Calamitous Fate] (H) Agility leather chest  [Vest of Calamitous Fate] (H)
 [Bracers of the Autumn Willow] (H) Spirit leather bracers  [Bindings of the Autumn Willow] (H)
 [Bracers of Cloudy Omen] (H) Spirit mail bracers  [Wristwraps of Cloudy Omen] (H)
 [Bloodbath Belt] (H) DPS plate belt  [Bloodbath Girdle] (H)
 [Legplates of Failing Light] (H) Caster plate leggings  [Leggings of Failing Light] (H)
 [Dawnbreaker Greaves] (H) Tank plate boots  [Dawnbreaker Sabatons] (H)
 [Legguards of Feverish Dedication] (H) Tank plate leggings  [Legplates of Feverish Dedication] (H)
 [Pride of the Eredar] (H) Tank cloak  [Pride of the Demon Lord] (H)
 [Shawl of the Refreshing Winds] (H) Spirit cloak  [Drape of the Refreshing Winds] (H)
 [Symbol of Transgression] (H) Caster DPS off-hand  [Talisman of Heedless Sins] (H)
 [Ring of the Darkmender] (H) Spirit ring  [Circle of the Darkmender] (H)
 [Charge of the Demon Lord] (H) Agility necklace  [Charge of the Eredar] (H)
 [Solace of the Defeated] (H) Spirit trinket  [Solace of the Fallen] (H)
 [Trophy of the Crusade] Armor token  [Trophy of the Crusade]
 [Crusader Orb] Trade goods  [Crusader Orb]
Faction Champions  [Justicebringer] (H) Strength two-hand axe  [Dual-Blade Butcher] (H)
 [Bastion of Purity] (H) Caster shield  [Bastion of Resolve] (H)
 [Cord of Biting Cold] (H) DPS cloth belt  [Belt of Biting Cold] (H)
 [Boots of the Mourning Widow] (H) spirit cloth boots  [Sandals of the Mourning Widow] (H)
 [Treads of the Icewalker] (H) Agility leather boots  [Icewalker Treads] (H)
 [Vestments of the Shattered Fellowship] (H) Spirit leather chest  [Robes of the Shattered Fellowship] (H)
 [Bracers of the Untold Massacre] (H) Agility mail bracers  [Bracers of the Silent Massacre] (H)
 [Legguards of Concealed Hatred] (H) Spirit mail leggings  [Leggings of Concealed Hatred] (H)
 [Boots of Tremoring Earth] (H) Caster mail boots  [Sabatons of Tremoring Earth] (H)
 [Chestplate of the Frostborn Hero] (H) DPS plate chest  [Chestplate of the Frostwolf Hero] (H)
 [Vambraces of the Broken Bond] (H) Spirit plate bracers  [Bracers of the Broken Bond] (H)
 [Girdle of Bloodied Scars] (H) Tank plate belt  [Belt of Bloodied Scars] (H)
 [Cloak of Displacement] (H) Caster DPS ring  [Shroud of Displacement] (H)
 [Ring of Callous Aggression] (H) Agility ring  [Band of Callous Aggression] (H)
 [Satrina's Impeding Scarab] (H) Tank trinket  [Juggernaut's Vitality] (H)
 [Trophy of the Crusade] Armor token  [Trophy of the Crusade]
 [Crusader Orb] Trade goods  [Crusader Orb]
Twin Val'kyr  [Twin Spike] (H) Agility dagger  [Gouge of the Frigid Heart] (H)
 [Lupine Longstaff] (H) Agility staff  [Twin's Pact] (H)
 [Bindings of Dark Essence] (H) DPS cloth bracers  [Dark Essence Bindings] (H)
 [Belt of the Merciless Killer] (H) Agility leather belt  [Belt of the Pitiless Killer] (H)
 [Cord of Pale Thorns] (H) Spirit leather belt  [Belt of Pale Thorns] (H)
 [Sabatons of Ruthless Judgment] (H) Agility mail boots  [Greaves of Ruthless Judgment] (H)
 [Bracers of the Shieldmaiden] (H) Tank plate bracers  [Armguards of the Shieldmaiden] (H)
 [Legguards of Ascension] (H) DPS plate leggings  [Legplates of Ascension] (H)
 [Breastplate of the Frozen Lake] (H) Caster plate chest  [Chestplate of the Frozen Lake] (H)
 [Death's Verdict] (H) Strength/Agility trinket  [Death's Choice] (H)
 [The Arbiter's Muse] (H) Tank necklace  [Legionnaire's Gorget] (H)
 [The Executioner's Malice] (H) Strength DPS necklace  [The Executioner's Vice] (H)
 [Wail of the Val'kyr] (H) Caster necklace  [Cry of the Val'kyr] (H)
 [Chalice of Searing Light] (H) Spirit off-hand  [Mystifying Charm] (H)
 [Trophy of the Crusade] Armor token  [Trophy of the Crusade]
 [Crusader Orb] Trade goods  [Crusader Orb]
Anub'arak  [Stormpike Cleaver] (H) Agility one-hand axe  [Hellscream Slicer] (H)
 [Misery's End] (H) Caster one-hand mace  [Suffering's End] (H)
 [Archon Glaive] (H) Agility polearm  [Hellion Glaive] (H)
 [Footpads of the Icy Floe] (H) DPS cloth boots  [Boots of the Icy Floe] (H)
 [Leggings of the Deepening Void] (H) DPS cloth leggings  [Breeches of the Deepening Void] (H)
 [Gloves of the Lifeless Touch] (H) Caster cloth bracers  [Handwraps of the Lifeless Touch] (H)
 [Armbands of the Ashen Saint] (H) Spirit cloth bracers  [Bindings of the Ashen Saint] (H)
 [Bracers of Dark Determination] (H) Agility leather bracers  [Armbands of Dark Determination] (H)
 [Legwraps of the Awakening] (H) Caster leather leggings  [Leggings of the Awakening] (H)
 [Legguards of the Lurking Threat] (H) Agility mail leggings  [Leggings of the Lurking Threat] (H)
 [Belt of Deathly Dominion] (H) Agility mail belt  [Waistguard of Deathly Dominion] (H)
 [Chestguard of Flowing Elements] (H) Spirit mail helm  [Cuirass of Flowing Elements] (H)
 [Greaves of the 7th Legion] (H) DPS plate boots  [Greaves of the Saronite Citadel] (H)
 [Gloves of Bitter Reprisal] (H) Caster plate gloves  [Gauntlets of Bitter Reprisal] (H)
 [Belt of the Forgotten Martyr] (H) Spirit plate belt  [Girdle of the Forgotten Martyr] (H)
 [Strength of the Nerub] (H) Strength DPS cloak  [Might of the Nerub] (H)
 [Maiden's Favor] (H) Spirit cloak  [Maiden's Adoration] (H)
 [Band of Deplorable Violence] (H) Spirit ring  [Lurid Manifestation] (H)
 [Signet of the Traitor King] (H) Tank ring  [Band of the Traitor King] (H)
 [Reign of the Unliving] (H) Caster DPS ring  [Reign of the Dead] (H)
 [Trophy of the Crusade] Armor token  [Trophy of the Crusade]
 [Crusader Orb] Trade goods  [Crusader Orb]


10-player mode 25-player mode Objective
 [Call of the Crusade (10 player)]  [Call of the Crusade (25 player)] Defeat every boss in the Trial of the Crusader.
 [Upper Back Pain (10 player)]  [Upper Back Pain (25 player)] Defeat Icehowl while at least two (10)/four (25) Snobolds remain alive.
 [Not One, But Two Jormungars (10 player)]  [Not One, But Two Jormungars (25 player)] Defeat Acidmaw and Dreadscale within 10 seconds of each other.
 [Three Sixty Pain Spike (10 player)]  [Three Sixty Pain Spike (25 player)] Defeat Lord Jaraxxus while at least two Mistresses of Pain are alive.
 [Resilience Will Fix It (10 player)]  [Resilience Will Fix It (25 player)] (removed) Kill the enemy heroes within 60 seconds of each other.
 [Salt and Pepper (10 player)]  [Salt and Pepper (25 player)] Defeat the Twin Val'kyr in 3 minutes or less.
 [The Traitor King (10 player)]  [The Traitor King (25 player)] Kill 40 Swarm Scarabs within 30 seconds.


Patch changes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Hotfix (2009-09-03): A hotfix has been deployed that will prevent the instance from entering a bugged state where Neutral Barrett Ramsey <Argent Coliseum Master> does not spawn after a soft reset. If you haven't gotten to Anub'arak yet, you'll be fine now.

    For those of you already afflicted with this bug in your saved raid, I'm still working on a method to correct the issue via hotfix for everyone so afflicted.

    In the meantime, our customer service staff has been informed how they can resolve the bug for a raid with a bugged instance.

  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.2.0 (2009-08-04): Added.

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