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Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Affiliation(s) Alliance
Status Alive
Relative(s) Baenan (older brother)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Trialin was stationed aboard the Elwynn which was stationed off of the coast Tanaris due to the Horde presence in the area.


She is the sister of Baenan and counts Lintharel and Atropa as friends. Trialin and her brother had also made a friend of Vyrin Swiftwind, who often spoke about high elf/blood elf relations and her unnamed husband.

When Li Li Stormstout was forced overboard, the Elwynn picked her up and Trialin bonded with the girl. When negotiations opened up between the Horde and Alliance each side sent a diplomat to the other side- Nita was sent to the Alliance and Baenan was sent to the Horde. However soon after arriving Nita was placed in chain and the Captain Heller claimed that Nita had attacked him, when in reality she had been taken prisoner because he wanted to ensure that the Horde sail back to Durotar.

When learning that the Horde was demanding their surrender and that not complying would see Baenan die, Trialin grew greatly concerned. While Heller declared that if Baenan's life was forfeit then so too was Nita's. A confrontation erupted as Lintharel spoke in Nita's defense and with Li Li and Trialin aiding her, Nita was freed. But Heller was able to take advantage of the Warchief's Fist exploding to ram his sword through Lintharel, but found himself killed by Atropa before he could deal the death blow.

Soon after the Elwynn sank into the sea with Baenan, Trialin, Lintharel, Atropa, and Nita moving towards land and Chen and Li Li returning on their quest to reach Pandaria. It was further implied that Trialin would join her brother on his quest to inform Vyrin that her husband had died a hero and to return the Swiftwinds' rings to her.[1]