Trollbane Hall

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AllianceTrollbane Hall
Leader(s)  Radulf Leder
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
Affiliation(s) League of Arathor
Location Northwestern Arathi Basin
Status Active

Trollbane Hall is the League of Arathor base in Arathi Basin. Both the graveyard and the exit are to the north of this building. It is probably named after the Trollbanes, the ruling family of the kingdom of Stromgarde. From here, the League of Arathor provides services to members of the Alliance fighting within the Basin. It is a restored Stromic fort, opposite the ransacked one across the field known as the Defiler's Den.

At the beginning of every battle, Radulf Leder will ride out into the courtyard, disappearing once the battle begins.



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