Troops can be produced in Warfronts.

The primary troop production <Recruitment Officer>'s in the Battle for Darkshore are Jarod Shadowsong and Signe.

Siege vehicles act as troop but can be entered into and driven.


Alliance base Battle of Stromgarde troops:

  • Footmen
  • Riflemen
  • Priests
  • Knights
  • Siege Engine

Horde base Battle of Stromgarde troops:

  • Grunts
  • Axe Throwers
  • Shaman
  • Raiders
  • Demolishers

Alliance base Battle of Darkshore troops:

  • Kaldorei Sentinel
  • Kaldorei Archer
  • Druid of the Branch
  • Kaldorei Hunter
  • Glaive Thrower

Horde base Battle of Darkshore troops:

  • Forsaken Deathguard
  • Forsaken Deadshot
  • Forsaken Alchemist
  • Forsaken Lancer
  • Catapult

Captured Gloomtide Strand troop:

  • Alliance Kaldorei Archdruid
  • Horde Abomination


There is an achievement recruiting all types of troops in a Warfront by faction.

Battle of Stromgarde:

Battle of Darkshore:


Primary troop production
Primary vehicle production