Trouble at Auchindoun

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For The Burning Crusade version, see N [70D] Trouble at Auchindoun.
NeutralTrouble at Auchindoun
Start Spymistress Mehlisah Highcrown
End Field Commander Mahfuun
Level 20-30 (Requires 20)
Type Dungeon
Category Shadow Labyrinth
Experience 1200
Reputation +150 Lower City
Rewards 44s


Report to Field Commander Mahfuun inside the Shadow Labyrinth at Auchindoun in Terokkar Forest.


I have spies within Auchindoun and they have been sending me disturbing reports. That place has been nothing but trouble ever since it exploded a couple of years ago.

Something in there has gone horribly wrong - again - and the Shadow Council is now on a war footing. Though the reports were lacking on details, their preparations appear to be directed inward.

You must make your way to the Shadow Labyrinth. My field commander, Mahfuun, will fill you in on what needs to be done.


You will receive:


It's about time that you arrived.

Mehlisah said that she would be sending help days ago.  And we've been fighting in here longer than that!

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