Trouble at Azurelode

Horde 32.pngTrouble at Azurelode
Start High Executor Darthalia
End Captain Keyton
Level 7-30
Category Hillsbrad Foothills
Experience 160
Reputation +10 Undercity
Previous Horde 15.png [7-30] Welcome to the Machine
Next Horde 15.png [7-30] Human Infestation


Report to Captain Keyton at the Azurelode Mine in Hillsbrad Foothills.


Productivity from our spider farm at the Azurelode Mine is at a standstill. Captain Keyton has requested that we send help immediately. Keyton claims that the mine spiders refuse command and are running rampant. Furthermore, a group of coastal murlocs are raiding our supplies. I want you to go down there and check things out. Help out Keyton and the spider-handler, <name>.

You'll fine Azurelord to the southeast, near the coast.


We're in a bit of a bind <class>. Sarus' spiders are starting to get a little uppity as we've been unable to feed them for days. If we leave the murlocs will overtake our post! Further more, Warden Stillwater over at the Sludge Fields is demanding that we send him more humans! He is insatiable! We need help!


Introduction and Azurelode Mine

Optional breadcrumbs: Horde 15.png [7-30] Empire of Dirt or Horde 15.png [7-30] Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!

  1. Horde 15.png [7-30] Welcome to the Machine
  2. Horde 15.png [7-30] Trouble at Azurelode & Horde 15.png [7-30] Glorious Harvest & Horde 15.png [7-30] Past Their Prime
  3. Horde 15.png [7-30] Human Infestation & Horde 15.png [7-30] Thieving Little Monsters! & Horde 15.png [7-30] Coastal Delicacies!
  4. Horde 15.png [7-30] Deep Mine Rescue

Sludge Fields

  1. Horde 15.png [7-30] Trouble at the Sludge Fields
  2. Horde 15.png [7-30] No One Here Gets Out Alive
  3. Horde 15.png [7-30] Discretion is Key & Horde 15.png [7-30] For Science!
    Side quest: Horde 15.png [7-30] The Battle for Hillsbrad, Horde 15.png [7-30] Do the Right Thing
  4. Horde 15.png [7-30] Little Girl Lost
  5. Horde 15.png [7-30] Freedom for Lydon
  6. Horde 15.png [7-30] Protocol & Horde 15.png [7-30] Do it for Twinkles
  7. Horde 15.png [7-30] Burnside Must Fall
  8. Horde 15.png [7-30] A Blight Upon the Land

Ruins of Southshore

  1. Horde 15.png [7-30] Trouble at Southshore
  2. Horde 15.png [7-30] Studies in Lethality & Horde 15.png [7-30] Green Living & Horde 15.png [7-30] Helcular's Rod Giveth... & Horde 15.png [7-30] Helcular's Command
    Side quest: Horde 15.png [7-30] Angry Scrubbing Bubbles, Horde 15.png [7-30G2] Trail of Filth

Purgation Isle

  1. Horde 15.png [7-30] Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking? (optional breadcrumb)
  2. Horde 15.png [7-30] *Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*
  3. Horde 15.png [7-30] Stormpike Rendezvous
  4. Horde 15.png [7-30] Kasha Will Fly Again
    Side quest: Horde 15.png [7-30] Terrible Little Creatures
  5. Horde 15.png [7-30] The Road to Purgation
  6. Horde 15.png [7-30] They Will Never Expect This...
  7. Horde 15.png [7-30] Heroes of the Horde!

Tarren Mill

Alterac Mountains

  1. Horde 15.png [7-30] Aid of the Frostwolf (breadcrumb in Tarren Mill)
  2. Horde 15.png [7-30] Matters of Loyalty
  3. Horde 15.png [7-30] March of the Stormpike
  4. Horde 15.png [7-30] Breaking the Hand
    1. Horde 15.png [7-30] Cry of the Banshee
    2. Horde 15.png [7-30] Decimation
    3. Horde 15.png [7-30] Infiltration & Horde 15.png [7-30] Deception and Trickery
    4. Horde 15.png [7-30] Domination
  5. Horde 15.png [7-30] Stormpike Apocalypse

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