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Tukka-Tuk on the beach
Start Thelonius [31.3, 63.4]
End Thelonius [31.3, 63.4]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 294000
Reputation +350 August Celestials
Rewards 24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [90 Daily] Ellia Ravenmane: Revenge
Next N [90 Daily] Huck Wheelbarrow


Defeat Tukka-Tuk


You are making a name for yourself, <name>. I received a challenge from one of our more skilled competitors. He believes you are not as strong as you seem.

His name is Tukka-Tuk, the hozen. If you've ever fought against hozen before, you know that their battle acumen belies their apparent juvenility. Good luck.

(Tukka-Tuk: "Hasn't lost one in his last ten matches.")


You will receive: 24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Tukka-Tuk awaits, <name>.


Well done, as usual.

I trust we will see you again soon.



Tukkua-Tuk is on the path just west of the Pedastal of Hope. Speak with him:

Tukka-Tuk gonna punch you and pound you and kick you and scratch you and bite you and poke you and ook you and dook you and...
Gossip Let's fight!
Tukka-Tuk says: Let's ookin' get it on!

Tukka-Tuk is a level 90 hozen with 787,000 health and the following abilities:

  • Punch You Melee range — Punches target enemy, inflicting 115% weapon damage. Instant. Hits for ~12,000 on cloth
  • Kick You Melee range — Kicks target enemy inflicting Physical damage. Instant. Hits for ~12,000 Physical on cloth
  • Pound You 30 yd range — Jump on a target and pound them into the ground, inflicting Physical damage every .5 secs and stunning them for 2 secs. Instant. Hits for ~1641 Physical on cloth.

Finish him off:

Tukka-Tuk pretty sad about losing to wimpy <race>. Tukka-Tuk gonna go look at horizon and think about life.

Tukka-Tuk sends the post-duel letter:

Tukka-Tuk Sorry

Tukka-Tuk is sorry for saying you only fight little girl. Tukka-tuk thinks you are strong.

Tukka-Tuk hopes you win all your fights.


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