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Gender Male
Race Ogron (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Darkmaul
Occupation Lieutenant[1]
Location Darkmaul Citadel
Status Killable

Tunk is an ogron located at the Darkmaul Citadel.

As one of Gor'groth top lieutenants, Tunk will stop at nothing to ensure his master's success.


  • Ability earthen pillar.png  Seismic Slam — Violently smash the ground, inflicting 1236 Physical damage, draining 30 Sanity, and Stunning players in front of the caster for 2 sec. 
  • Warrior disruptingshout.png  Interrupting Shout — Inflicts 600 Physical damage to all enemies and interrupts spellcasting for 1 sec. 

Strategy overview

Tunk is a simple Tank and spank, requiring you to simply have Captain Garrick take aggro while you simply DPS.

He has two abilities, Seismic Slam and Interrupting Shout. Seismic Slam involves simply avoid the front cone of Tunk while Interrupting Shout simply can't be avoided but does little damage. DPS him down until he's dead.


Tunk drops several appropite-level rare items.

Item Slot Type Focus
 [Tunk's Trunk] Bag
 [Tunk's Needle] One-Hand Dagger Critical
 [Tunk's Backscratcher] Two-Handed Staff Haste/Versility
 [Tunk's Toothpick] Two-Handed Polearm Critical/Strike
 [Tunk's Tiny Bow] Ranged Bow Critical/Haste
 [Tunk's Lil' Whomper] One-Hand Mace Haste
 [Tunk's Shinguard] Off Hand Shield Critical/Haste
 [Tunk's Tooth] One-Hand Sword Critical/Versility
 [Tunk's Whomper] Two-Hand Mace Critical



Alliance Alliance

On approach
Henry Garrick says: That's one of Gor'groth's top lieutenants! Can we really defeat him?
Captain Garrick says: We haven't come this far to quit now. <Name>, you lead the attack. I'll charge in after you.
Tunk yells: Me gonna smash, you no stop ritual!
Captain Garrick says: I'll keep his attacks focused on me. Henry, you heal us up!
Henry Garrick says: Understood, captain!
Tunk yells: Me never... see Gor'groth... win...

Horde Horde

On approach
Shuja Grimaxe says: That's one of Gor'groth's bodyguards. What's our plan of attack?
Warlord Breka Grimaxe says: <Name>, you strike first. I'll charge in after you. Let none stand in our way!
Tunk yells: Me gonna smash, you no stop ritual!
Warlord Breka Grimaxe says: I'll draw his attention. Shuja, heal our wounds!
Shuja Grimaxe says: As you command! Lok-tar!
Tunk yells: Me never... see Gor'groth... win...

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